is an American VPN service provider, who offers an excellent VPN service with speed. The company is owned and operated by Tefincom co S.A. In 2008, Nord VPN came into full action with the aim of responding to the high demand of an increasing need for a reliable VPN service connection during that time.

Today, the company has proved its worth that it is worthy of trust, as it provides users with a secure and protected gateway to the internet solving the public’s privacy problems with their over 108 VPN servers that spread across over twenty-four countries worldwide. The Countries include the United States of America, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Hong Kong New Zealand, Austria, Luxembourg, Russia, Singapore, Japan, Lithuania, Netherland, South Africa, Sweden, Brazil and so on.

Nord VPN has a standby team of mathematicians and technologist whose aims is to work toward a core goal, which is keeping the internet as free as possible, providing an entirely and uncompromised safety and privacy on the web. They give a secured service such that no other person or hacker will be able to access your system no matter their effort, for this reason they don’t keep logs.


  1. They have a user-friendly environment
  2. 24 hours live support
  3. 30 days money back guarantee
  4. Does not have logs
  5. Competitive price advantage
  6. Double-hop VPN configurations



Nord offers a free three days money back guarantee for first users on their site. With this, potential users will be able to test their services before eventually requesting for any of their packages. However, before you can have access to their free three days trial, you will need to contact their customer support so they could make that available to you.



Nord VPN renders the most advanced VPN service you can find among VPN service providers today.  They offer access to multiple protocols that uses military-grade AES 256 encryption for L2TP/IPsec protocol, 2048 bit SSL encryption for OpenVPN protocol and MPPE-128 bit encryption for PPTP. Nord VPN protocols also offer a unique double encryption system that uses two Nord serves in protecting their client’s online data, giving them access to HTTP and Socks5 proxies. You can check your IP here.


Nord VPN is amazingly fast and simple, easy to understand. Users don’t face problems when trying to connect to any of their VPN servers. Also, there are no installations required, all you need to get started is to download their software, and you are good to go.  Also, Nord VPN allows users to connect up to six devices with one account to their VPN network at the same time. This insane offer is enough for users to connect their gadgets to the VPN network only with the same login, allowing a whole family to enjoy privacy while they surf the internet.


Usually, when you connect a proxy server, the internet speed is expected to drop which is a common thing as it happens to every other VPN service providers as well. However, Nord VPN is not as slow as you found others when it was out to test, and there are a reasonable number of reviews coming from users who have made use of Nord VPN making it a reliable VPN service provider.


Based on the research and findings carried out to test the performance of Nord VPN when in use with various operating systems. It works perfectly well with Windows Operating system, but experience a little bug with Mac OS.


Nord VPN is exceptional when it comes to VPN services; they are capable of offering a reliable VPN service that most of their colleagues in the market have found difficult. Their customer service is excellent; they are always ready to give a solution to every problem you are likely going to face when it comes to VPN services. Nord is overtime trying to improve their service which shows a sign of seriousness. They have been able to update a kill switch system on their platform as they continue to provide an improved service to their customers.

Overall, for those who prefer a world class and 1st rate VPN service, Nord is the VPN service provider you will always want to use. Their service will not make you regret your action.