Office Moving Tips To Consider From The Get-Go


Typically, moving your office might seem like a challenging and overwhelming task. It comes with some stress and anxiety, especially if you have no relocation plan in place. From the need to declutter to the process of packing up all your office equipment, the entire transition can be daunting. Fortunately, there are several ways to make an office move more seamless and hassle-free.

If you’re relocating your office anytime soon, here are a few the tips you need to consider from the get-go:

Start Planning Early

There’s no such thing as easy planning when it comes to an office move. You have to tackle each aspect of moving carefully to make sure everything will go smoothly. Hence, if you want to start the planning process as early as possible, below are the things you need to prepare before the moving day:

  • Budget – Before anything else, it’s crucial to set a budget for the office relocation, especially if you only have limited funds to pull off a big move. List down all the things you might have to pay for such as the packing supplies, setup costs, movers, cleaning services, and many more. That way, you have a guide on how much money you’re willing to spend for the move.
  • Moving Companies – Since an office move is much more complicated than a household relocation, it’s best to hire a moving and packing service to take care of the process for you. Ask for referrals or browse the Internet for a list of potential moving companies in your area. From there, request for moving quotes and conduct a background check before hiring one. Make sure the one you get is licensed, insured, and trustworthy.
  • Appointment Of A Move Manager – With all the things that need to be done, you need to appoint a move manager who can facilitate and oversee the relocation tasks until they’re accomplished. By doing this, you can rest knowing that you have someone who can manage the move from start to finish.
  • To-Do Lists – It’s essential to make some to-do lists so you can keep track of all the tasks that should be done before the moving day. Break down the tasks by weeks to make sure nothing will be missed throughout the process.

Let The Parties Involved Know About Your Office Move

When it comes to moving an office, communication is essential to ensure all internal and external parties are aware of your business plans. Thus, you shouldn’t forget to inform all the people involved that your office is relocating soon.

Here’s what you can do to ensure proper communication throughout the moving period:

  • Inform all your employees about the moving date and give them time to decide whether to come with you or not. Hence, prepare the relocation packages for them to look into.
  • Be sure all your employees know the responsibilities they should do ahead of time to avoid confusions.
  • Notify your customers, suppliers, partners, and affiliates about the relocation and assure them that business will still operate but with minimal disruption.
  • Sit down with your IT team and discuss how you’re going to handle the technology aspect of your move.

Create A Strategic Packing Plan

It’s essential to have a packing plan in place to ensure the process goes as seamlessly as possible. After all, packing all your office stuff can be one of the most challenging parts of moving. Below are the things you can include in your strategic packing plan:

  • Determine what needs to be moved – Find time to go through your office and evaluate what needs to be moved or not. By assessing the space, you’ll have an idea whether your new office space is enough to accommodate your things or you should hire a storage unit temporarily. Also, when you determine the items to be moved, you can minimize your moving costs.
  • Gather packing supplies – It’s best to collect some packing supplies before the task begins. Make sure you have different specialty boxes for all types of office equipment. Also, collect some protective sheets and other supplies to ensure the safety of your belongings while in transit.
  • Pack strategically – To make the packing process less complicated, ask your employees to pack their own desk, so you only have to worry about your heavy office equipment. Let your IT team handle the packing of your electronic equipment to ensure safety. Lastly, be sure to label your moving boxes accordingly so it’ll be easy to unpack when you arrive at your new destination.

Bottom Line

Indeed, moving to a new office takes a lot of time and energy. But, you have a high chance of doing it right if you follow the tips mentioned above. Therefore, if you’re moving your office to Manhattan or other big cities nearby, plan as much as you can and hire a moving company to reduce the stress of an office relocation.