Offline marketing is still important: 5 tips to excel with it

Offline marketing is still important: 5 tips to excel with it

These days, the buzz is around online marketing, and for good reason too. The influence of the internet on offline purchases has continued to grow year on year, so many more people are doing what they can to make sure they don’t get left behind in cyber space. This dynamic, however, does not in any way reduce the power of offline marketing tactics, like direct brochure mailing. The most successful businesses are those that have found a way to combine online and offline marketing effectively.  If you are looking to embrace offline marketing using print, here are important tips you must keep in mind.

Use a professional graphic designer

To get the best results in your offline and print marketing, you require the services of a professional graphic design firm. Getting a professional to design your materials for you helps you stand out from the crowd. It also makes sure your marketing campaign doesn’t come off as amateur.  Most people will not buy from your business if it gives the impression that it is more concerned about saving money than promoting the brand.

Make sure you research your prospects

For your campaigns to work, you need to make sure you are distributing to a receptive audience. The audience must be carefully targeted or else you will only end up wasting your resources, and even damaging your brand. For example, a business that focuses on selling baby items will get better results by only targeting young married adults; and will just annoymost teenagers and grandparents. It would be even better if you could target women attending pre-natal classes.

Include an offer and a time limit

You can’t achieve much in print marketing if you don’t include a limited call to action. This is important if you are serious about nudging your potential customers towards buying from you. It creates a sense of urgency and helps your campaign to achieve the results. Turn your brochures and flyers into conversion tools by using some established sales wisdom.

Keep eyes oncampaign performance

With all of your print marketing products, you need to ensure you are directing your prospects to a unique landing page, or a particular phone number. This will help you make a judgement about the efficacy of your campaigns. This will help you understand your ROI, and whether to replicate or drop your campaigns entirely. Bear in mind that creating brand awareness should be a goal in itself. Just because people aren’t buying through your marketing directly, doesn’t mean that they haven’t chosen you in part because of it.

Get multiple quotes

To get the best price on your printed products, and run a cost-effective campaign, you need to work with a printer that offers value for money. The local printing company down the road is not always thebest option to go with so you must be open to working with online print companies like Such companies normally offer the best prices, and great value, because of their economies of scale in production Compare quotes and request samples before settling for a particular company to work with.

Give your campaigns a personal touch

The average individual doesn’t like getting sold to. To make sure your print material is read, you need to give it a personal touch. Even if you are mailing the piece, you need to be sure it is personalised to address the individual instead of using a generic marketing letter.  Think about hand writing the envelopes, having different envelopes for different niche, or even sending a promotional item with your brochure.