It would be impossible to deny that we are in a digital era. As such, the majority of businesses are focussed on digital marketing and when you look at the figures, it is easy to understand why. For example, in 2017, consumers spent up to 5-hours on devices every day. So, your company should put their entire efforts into digital marketing solutions, right? Wrong.

Rise of Digital

With the rise of digital, businesses are often preoccupied with Google’s algorithm updates and building a following on social media, but this alone is not enough. To drive sales, your marketing strategy needs to involve more than blog posts or Facebook updates.

Integration is Key

With the focus being online, it can be easy to overlook traditional forms of marketing. Many entrepreneurs believe them to be outdated, but they can still generate conversions. The key to a truly successful marketing strategy is to incorporate both old and new. It should be less about traditional or digital, and more about the integration of the two.

Effective Old School Methods

Here are the most effective old school marketing methods to consider for your business.

Direct Mail

This form of marketing includes materials that are sent through the post, such as flyers, leaflets, brochures and letters – which form of printed media you should use will depend upon your business and industry. Fewer companies use this method nowadays, but it can still be lucrative. As such, use a door-dropping service to distribute your marketing materials.

Printed Adverts

Due to the decline in newspaper sales, many businesses no longer consider printed adverts as a viable source of marketing. However, if you pick your publication wisely, it could help to drive sales. For example, consider the product or service your business offers and find out if there is a publication that speaks directly to your audience.


Sure, you can Google and quickly find information about any business, but networking can provide something more: a personal connection. Giving your business a face can make it feel more attractive to prospective customers and clients. Plus, at a networking event, you may make connections with mentors and industry leaders who could help to grow your business.

Email Newsletters

Although email is digital, it is often overlooked in favour of social media. It is viewed as an outdated method by many, but it can have real results. E.g., email allows you to simultaneously inform customers about new products or services, send thanks for their custom, or reconnect. This adds a personal edge and could help your company stand out.

Old school and traditional marketing forms still have their place, even in this digital era. After all, customers still call and visit businesses in person – even if ecommerce has impacted this. As such, it is important to provide a variety of marketing forms.