Optimize Your Marketing Dashboard for a Greater Insight Into Campaigns


As most businesses are already well-aware, marketing is not exactly what it used to be. Thanks to a push towards new technology across the board, many companies today find themselves engaged in digital marketing efforts that can be hard to track at first glance. When you factor in a savvier consumer-base, truly comprehending the overall success of an advertising campaign is more important than ever.

That’s why many companies are opting to implement a marketing dashboard to better understand just how well their various marketing maneuvers are working. While a marketing dashboard can be the source of valuable information for companies in virtually every industry, getting the most out of your dashboard requires a comprehensive understanding of the total process.

What Is a Marketing Dashboard?

Judging performance of marketing campaigns can be elusive without the right tools in place. While analytics are certainly helpful, a thorough reading of data can be difficult if it is not formatted in an easy-to-understand way.

To this end, a marketing dashboard provides a display of all pertinent information related to a business’s marketing efforts. Data can be summarized via graphs and charts for a more accessible reading, and you can even design your dashboard to reflect that information which is most vital to your team. In general, a marketing dashboard will include three separate levels (marketing functional, marketing leadership, and executive), and should illustrate the link between investments and outcomes.

Methods for Optimizing Your Marketing Dashboard

Of course, understanding the way a marketing dashboard works and putting it into use are two separate challenges. Once you’ve established the need for this specific marketing tool, you can then move onto optimization methods that will ensure you are taking advantage of all available benefits:

  • Ensure Data Is Accurate – While it seems fairly obvious, ensuring accurate data is being fed into your marketing dashboard is of the utmost importance. Bad data will only result in misleading projections, which can set your team on a course towards disaster. Also, be sure that the accumulated projections and data are being put to actionable use for future endeavors.


  • Know Which Metrics Are Most Valuable – Because there are many different metrics that can be tracked on a marketing dashboard, knowing which offer the most valuable information is vital. For instance, seeing information related to the life cycle of leads to sales is highly important. This will offer an indication of whether your current marketing attempts are converting visits into profits.


  • Make Use of Keyword Research – Keyword research is an important part of making your content available to a wider audience. Accordingly, info related to keyword effectiveness should be included on your marketing dashboard. This can help you identify any keywords that are too broad in scope, which will result in fewer visitors to your site.

Remain at the Forefront of Modern Marketing

While it may seem complicated at first glance, modern marketing is all about appealing to the consumer in a way that resonates. When businesses have a deeper understanding of consumer behavior and response, they can use this information to develop improved marketing pushes using the most up-to-date data available. A viable marketing dashboard affords this ability, making it an invaluable resource to marketing teams at every company.