Technology has been the driving force behind what some call the modern “evolution” of human beings. From two hundred years ago, when the height of technology was gas lanterns and steam engines, to the modern era, where we can instantly contact people halfway across the globe at the same time as taking an electric train to work, technology has been the tip of the arrowhead of human success. When it comes to the impact on modern humans, everything from MRI machines to fitness wearables is relevant and worth discussing, so we’ve done exactly that and put together a discussion on the past, present, and future of wearable technology.

The Past

The past is an incredibly nondescript and approximate term to describe almost any length of time, so we’ll use it to refer to the last hundred years of technology in this entry. The beginnings of wearable technology would surely be the eyeglasses of the 1800’s, as they allowed their users to see clearly despite natural shortcomings. From there, a progression to smaller, more discreet glasses was inevitable, and before long the first contact lenses were becoming available for huge sums of money. Around this time, calculator watches were making their debut, and wearable tech had its first, relatively low-cost item to offer to the masses. As time wore on, the beginnings of “wearables” started to form in popular culture, but mainly through music devices like walkman tape players and discman CD players, which were less wearable and more carryable. The main device that was truly considered wearable tech from this era was the pedometer, which is still used today in many fitness devices to aid in the precise calculations of calories burned throughout the day.

The Present

The modern age has had a recent boom in the wearable tech industry, and tech giant Apple has been at the forefront of this wave of technology. With the sudden surge of smart watches, wearable tech has never been more present, and despite the huge price tag attached when looking for higher end smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch, there is an unprecedented number of people walking around with wearable tech in the modern era. Wireless headphones are becoming more and more commonplace, with many over-ear and on-ear headphone companies like Bose and Sennheiser branching out into wireless headphone sets, and with companies like Skullcandy and Apple producing wireless earbud style headphones, the technology world is quickly becoming largely based in wearables.

The Future

the future tech

The future of wearables is uncertain, as more and more technology is seeming to focus on maintaining and upgrading our current status of tech, that being carryable and slim, like smartphones and ipods. Google Glass represents a foray into the future of wearable tech, but its low availability and large price tag make it less than convenient for the majority of tech lovers. For those that do have the chance to use Google Glass, the experience has been unanimously astounding, with clarity and vision unimpeded by the maps available, information offered, and general possibilities afforded by this revolutionary piece of technology.

With this, the past, present and future of wearable tech has been reviewed, and while the future is uncertain, the present is bright with the possibilities and applications of smartwatches and more and more powerful processors in our phones and music devices. The end result of this technology surge is a better, more efficient world of devices that operate at faster speeds in easier ways and are, of course, more wearable than ever.