VMS and physical security

Physical security is considered to be one of the most important aspects. It is a message to the intruders that they should never dare access the building. Physical security by design is an idea that should always be embedded with cameras so that the best outcome is generated. These cameras should be connected to software which makes then efficient. Video management system is such software that should be used in association with physical security. The fact is that physical security solutions are incomplete without VMS. Manned physical security is never the only solution. Tech advancements should be embedded so that the best results can be obtained.

What is VMS?

VMS is a vital component of physical security. It is basically software which performs following vital tasks:

  • Surveillance video capture
  • Surveillance video storage
  • Provides way to view live and recorded video.

VMS though has advanced a lot in recent years and is considered to be a vital part of overall security of any place.

Security is not about arms

According to renowned security magazines such as security info watch physical security is something more than arms. Measures must be taken to ensure that the large facilities are protected without roaming around. Keeping a watchful eye is not possible without an effective VMS service. VMS also analyze data so that the response time is reduced.

Future of physical security and VMS

Some of the point which must be considered in this regard is as follows:

  • Physical security will be taken to next level with VMS

Additional analysis and related response time in physical security will be increased. VMS will make physical security very sophisticated and therefore both will become inevitable part of each other. VMS will also get additional features which will ensure that the video analytics is done from angles which have never been covered before. The best part is that use of a video management system such as this one that will increase in future. In nutshell, physical security will advance with proper video management system implementation.

  • Facial recognition addition

Physical security will not remain limited to checking of people and their luggage. The pictures of most wanted people for instance will be centralized and facial recognition systems will be added. It will make sure that the systems recognize such people instantly if they come in radar. The most important part is that the facial recognition will be 100% accurate and will be embedded within the system so that the best outcome is generated. VMS is also manufactured with scream detection as well as audio detection for effective data capturing.

  • Information extraction

Extracting information from a video management system and applying that to physical security will no longer remain a challenge. It will also make sure that the results obtained are shared with other systems embedded into VMS. These can be intrusion detection as well as access control. Restricting a person based on data collected from VMS will become a lot easier. It will also ensure that people are restricted to use internal systems of organization as well.