Playster: The Best Deal In Streaming Entertainment


Playster is a digital service that provides its subscribers with unlimited access to films, music, books and games. When it comes to streaming services, this is one platform that stands out above the rest thanks to its diverse catalog and promise of Entertainment Unlimited. Plus, it comes with exciting gifts for new members, like the Playster Combo Box!

Playster can be accessed through its official android and iOS app or through a web browser from any smart device. The platform provides unparalleled ease and comfort when it comes to enjoying all of your favorite entertainment. And it only gets better from there because anyone who signs up for a 12-month membership will nab themselves a free Android tablet and headphones. This is a lovely gift that the company is giving away for free (you just have to pay a menial shipping and handling fee) in exchange for signing up for a year’s worth of awesome entertainment.

Inside the Combo Box is the Playster 7 tablet, which was manufactured with user enjoyment in mind. It comes with Android 4.4 to keep you up to date with the fast and powerful world of Android and has a 7” display screen with a 1280×800 resolution that will allow you to enjoy all of your favorite games and films with crisp, clear and high quality visuals.

A Quad Core Cortex-A7 CPU with 2GB RAM has been built into it to provide speedy and uninterrupted usage and 16GB of storage and a Micro SD slot mean you can store a whole slew of films, music, games and books for offline streaming.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities are also included. These are essential services we all need to stay connected to the world of social media, for pleasure and for business. Having an endless amount of entertainment is wonderful, but what’s the point if you can’t tell your friends on Facebook about it?

The high quality dual cameras, 2.OMP rear, 2.0MP front, allow you to capture the striking moments in your life in crisp resolution, which you can then upload to your social media accounts or send to family and friends.

Battery life is always a big concern. No one wants something like a long commute or flight coming in the way of their uninterrupted enjoyment. That’s why The Playster 7 Tablet comes with a 189.6×116.8.9 sized battery with 3000 mAh.

But it’s not enough to just enjoy excellent visuals. You need to hear the passion, too. Music is, of course, one of Playster’s biggest features and that’s why they’ve also included headphones inside the Combo Box.

With crystal-clear sound made up of a combination of powerful basses and pristine highs, you are ensured a superior listening experience, no matter what you’re listening to. Be it a movie, a soundtrack or an audiobook, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of all the action.

The headphones are cushioned with soft around-ear fittings and come with yet another bonus: the privacy of noise isolation technology. Last but not least, we can all agree that bulk is annoying, which is why you can fold these headphones up into the size of a tennis ball for easy packing and travel.

An excellent service coupled with two great gifts make the Playster experience all the more enjoyable. There is no disputing that the service comes out above the rest by allowing members to enjoy the best media on the latest technology with the greatest comfort.