Posterini online platform for posters and flyers


What does Posterini company Do? provides an online platform that allows you to quickly design and promote digital marketing posters and flyers for a variety of uses. There is nothing to install and it is fast and easy to produce professional results.
Posterini is an all in one solution combining templates, special effects, montage capabilities, full editing controls, flexible proportions, a promotion wall and much more

Why do we need Posterini?

Marketing is key for all businesses. We live in the visual age and audiences prefer to engage with a mixture of images and text rather than with just text. That’s why marketing posters and flyers are a great way to engage potential customers through a variety of channels. An online tool that makes it easy for you to design and promote marketing posters/flyers can accelerate the process of attracting new users and customers for your products, services, news, events and more.

Who is Posterini for?

The platform can help anybody who needs to inform, promote, advertise or announce a product, service, news, events or just himself/herself to an audience. This includes business owners, artists, educators/students, musicians and others. It is also useful as a brainstorming and ideation tool through its advanced business plan and can also be used as  a remote collaboration tool through the same plan.

What makes Posterini stand out from Others?

Posterini is unique because it brings together features that other tools offer separately. In one single tool you get simple and powerful templates, full editing control, montage capabilities, special effects, flexible proportions, a promotion wall and even brainstorming capabilities and remote collaboration in its advanced modules. You can re-edit your designs unlimited times and access the tool from a variety of devices, not having to install anything.

What’s Next of Posterini? 

Posterini keeps adding regularly new quality templates to increase the usefulness of the platform. The team is also working in adding more features to keep accelerating the productivity of its users. The platform is also starting to offer special packages to educational institutions, students and educators around the world. Visit some of the latest designs created by Posterini users at and