Premium types of business cards you need to know

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Using premium business cards is the best option to show your prospects that you mean business from your very first business meeting. These cards have everything you need to build a good image for your business and attract more clients; the soft touch, beautiful designs, different materials, and quality. The best thing about these premium cards is that they can be adjusted to fit your business needs, depending on;

  • Size: choose to impress your prospects with a die-cut size, away from the old traditional business card size of 3.5 by 2 inches.
  • Shape: this depends entirely on the size of the card. If your cards are conventional, then they can take any unique form of your choice; circular, rectangular, square, hexagon, name them.
  • Color: you can pick on or combine many depending on the colors of your brands.
  • Paper texture: as the name suggests, premium means luxury, so only high-quality papers are used for printing or finishing purposes. You can either pick high gloss or matte papers.

Here are the different types of premium business cards you can choose from to market your business.

1. Premium linen business cards

It’s not easy finding the right image for your business, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd and impress your potential customers. With premium linen business cards, you can make it happen. They are artistic, memorable, upscale, but very professional as well. It has a woven texture, which is unique from other premium papers. You may think it’s handcrafted just by looking at its surface.

If you’ve decided to go the linen business card design way for your business, make it simple and clean to showcase its unique texture. Also, for it to catch your prospects’ attention, only use lighter colors.

2. Premium black business cards

These business cards never go out of style, and you can never go wrong with them. They ooze elegance and are the most luxurious business cards you’ll ever place your hands on. These cards are pure and bold enough to impress your potential customers and take your business to another higher level. The black color texture is soft and ideal for white or any bold colored ink.

3. Premium uncoated business cards

These uncoated paper stocks are pretty simple yet elegant and classy, which is very good for a business card. You can use either a pencil or a pen to write on these business cards. This feature makes them ideal for business appointment cards like real estate brochures. Premium uncoated business cards give higher contrasts when you apply foil stamping, and the foil stands out on them.

4. Duplex business cards

With these premium business cards, also known as sandwich cards, you mount two high-quality papers together to get some extra thickness. It’s a perfect definition of how opposite color stocks attract. These cards are very sophisticated with a luxurious look leaving your prospects satisfied and eager to learn more about your business.

5. Premium silk

Premium silk cards will give a luxurious impression of your personality and your business. This is such a sophisticated way to raise your business and sell your products. The silk lamination will give a soft feel and look of silk on the surface of these business cards. What makes these cards different from other standard cards is that the cardstock used is both tear and water-resistant, thus durable.

6. Die-cut premium business cards

These are uniquely shaped to showcase your business nature and brand. They show how differently you see things and arouse curiosity in your prospects’ minds. They’d want to dig deeper into your business and know more about your products. These cards are memorable and will create a lasting impression since they can take any shape depending on your brand; rounded, half-rounded, leafy, ovals, etc.

7. Premium Foil cards

These are classy business cards made with one main objective; to impress. Mostly, the premium business cards use silk cardstocks that have a smooth and soft finish. The foil stamping is then applied to a specific part of these cards’ design, like on the logo. And the beauty of it all is that you’re free to choose any color for the foil from the several available foil colors. You can even decide to choose a color that matches your brand theme.