Promotional Videos: Saving Time and Budget with Renderforest

Before implementing any digital marketing technique with the company, it is necessary to know the value of video marketing with the current trends and innovation. Understand the role of videos that make enormous business and that mould profit to the company.

There have been many types of videos from product videos to testimonials or many training video, whatever the video is, it should follow promotional videos outline. The definition shows the power of video that brings brand awareness and helps in reaching the marketing goals.

Renderforest is one such tool that helps to create animations, professional introductions, slideshows, music, and promo visualization without using the technical knowledge. The major power of this tool is to save time and budget. Nearly, 5000,000 videos were created using Renderforest and served businesses to reduce their production costs.

The following are the features that the Renderforest presents with represent to the promotional videos:

  1. 400+  video templates are available to choose from the video editor.
  2. It is made simple and easy-to-use anywhere with a flexible editor. A 3D editor for the slideshows is also available.
  3. Thousands of in-built animated scenes for any project were provided here.
  4. The tool provides a wide range of commercial music and media tracks that help to add in the video. Media library is available to keep track of all the saved files of every project.
  5.  More than 115000 HD free stock footages are available, and ready-made stories are also provided to strengthen video creation.
  6. Publishing the video into Social Media networks and Youtube is made simple.
  7. The software is available in 7 languages, so it can be used in many locations around the world.
  8. New templates are released for every week. By subscribing to the newsletter, the latest offers and news were received instantly. If there is no need, it can be unsubscribed easily.
  9. It brings perfect pitch over the video and creates awareness. It can easily understand the complexion and conveys messages accordingly.
  10. It nurtures the ideas into videos using different templates and visual effects and also makes a powerful impact on the audience who see them.

Simplicity and cost-effective

Simplicity is one of the best strategies of Renderforest, it usually prefer it as the most important attribute. It navigates to the pre-defined templates based on the needs of the project, configuring from hundreds of animated scenes. Only thing to be focused is video content. It directs to build stories from the scratch and alternatively can add music, audio, and pictures. Once the editing is made, a preview can be seen for the animation.

Types of videos they deal with

Types of video that are made possible with Renderforest are Infographics, Special event videos, logo animation, explainer animation, Intro Maker, Product and service promotion, presentations, mobile app promo, music visualization, slideshow videos, and kinetic typography.


Applications of the videos that are created using Renderforest are:

  1. Business Projects

Using Renderforest; startups and many businesses can create business-oriented promotional videos on their own. This reduces their risk of employing a video designer and reduces the producing budget of the company. They may create video advertisements, corporate presentations, explainer animations, infographics, event promotion videos, and real-estate listing video slides. All these videos are saved in the software with the original quality. Business projects usually look for branding and that can be included in the videos using this tool.

  1. Educational Projects

Renderforest ensures teachers and students to create wonderful presentations for engaging many other students and official around them. For making any topic or idea thought-provoking and innovative, students and educators has to render this website for sure!! For a positive impression with the audience, it is suggested to create extraordinary videos using Renderforest.

  1. Personal Projects

Personal projects include many types depending upon the attributes they are deal with. For instance, memories can be saved in terms of powerful videos. Impress friends and family by sending them a cool and exiting videos like birthday videos, wedding invitations, templates that impress the loved ones. Depending on the occasion and various tastes, Renderforest allows creating enormous videos.

  1. Music Projects

Music can be reflected in terms of visual effects surprisingly. Music visualizations are made simple with this robotized tool. Music lovers can design their own passion and turn audio into visuals. The easily made templates directly allow editing in very less time and can be published on social networks. Many clicks and love towards the creation are shown in return.


They provide subscriptions facility and eventually allow pay per export.

  1. Unlimited 360p videos, 500 MB storage, Limited music tracks, Watermarks on videos, maximum 3 min videos were given in free subscription.
  2. 10 HD 720p Videos/month, maximum 5 mins videos, 20 GB storage, more than 30 popular music tracks were included in the Amateur subscription with a cost of $15 that is best suitable for individuals who need a few videos in regular intervals.
  3. 30 HD 720p Videos/month, maximum 15 min videos, 40 GB storage

more than 50 popular music tracks were included in Pro subscription with a cost of $29 which is annually charged and is suitable for YouTubers and small businesses who regularly use videos.

  1. 50 HD1080 Videos/month, maximum 60 mins videos, 80GB storage, more than 80 popular music tracks, Reseller License were included in the Business subscription with a cost of $49 and is suitable for the reseller. In this subscription, there is no watermark given for web quality and HD videos.
  2. 150 HD1080 Videos/month, maximum 120 mins videos, 250GB storage, more than 100 popular music tracks, Reseller License, and

API integration was included in Enterprise Subscription with a cost of $149. Here in this subscription, the watermark is not given on the quality web and HD videos.


Renderforest is such a beautiful video editor that enables users to create videos with their templates accurately. With the available music tracks, API integration, animation techniques; any user irrespective of age can make use of it. Professionally created videos can be made for any type of projects that are relatively focused on increasing their sales. User-friendly videos made using Renderforest are used for interactive sessions to get impressions from the clients.

It is a known fact that the video marketing is one of the best strategies in digital marketing that reinforces the user attention with many visual effects. Henceforth, it reduces the budget and saves time for companies who afford to use Renderforest.