Do you really, truly need an AV Project Manager for your next event? You may be weighing up the answer to this question. What you really need to answer is: do you really, truly need your next event to run smoothly without excess stress or cost, and with maximum engagement from attendees? If the answer to this question is yes, chances are you need AV project management.

Here’s why project management makes a noticeable difference to the success of your event.

Going It Alone or Project Managed

Technology is one of the most important aspects of any event, large or small. Nowadays, attendees expect certain AV elements to be in place at any event. And you should be looking at how AV technology can help to boost engagement, sponsorship, and attendance at your event. When you hire AV technology you usually have the option of going it alone or hiring specialist project management. Going it alone means that the equipment will normally be delivered and set up, and you will be told how to work it all and what to do if something goes wrong. A project management solution, such as that offered by a company like, involves a detailed discussion beforehand of the exact equipment you need, plus expert help and guidance on the day and before, during and after the event, to make sure that all the technology is working correctly, and that any problems can be sorted out.

Cost Benefits?

Many people assume that a project managed AV proposal for an event will be prohibitively expensive, and therefore assume that to save money they need to hire the equipment and run it themselves. But this can be a false economy in the long run. Of course, if you have your own team of AV experts then by all means hire the equipment you need and rely on their expertise. But if your team is not trained and experienced in the latest AV technology, you probably won’t be using it to its best advantage. And if something goes wrong, which you do not know how to fix, it could be financially disastrous, impacting the success of your event.

Saving Time and Stress

You and your team will be running around sorting out all kinds of issues on the day of the event; you really don’t need to be worrying about whether the AV technology will work properly. It saves a significant amount of stress when you hire someone to look after this aspect of the event for you. Project Managers can work around any problem or situation that crops up – and there is sure to be something, no matter how well-planned the event is. Even if you are experienced in using AV equipment, unfamiliarity with certain pieces of technology may cause problems, particularly when you are using newer techniques. Basically, if you have ever woken from a nightmare where the projector stops working in the middle of the keynote speech, you need to hire AV project management.