Recycle Your Outdated Cellphone for Fast Cash


When the situation is just right, you can trade in an older cellphone for an upgrade through the manufacturer. Sometimes, it makes more sense to sell your old phone, and when that fails, many people simply throw their outdated devices away!

Keep Chemicals Out of the Soil and the Air

Unfortunately, those tidy little packages of electronic components pose a serious threat to the environment and to human health when they begin to break down in landfills. Inside the familiar outer shell, there are a lot of wires, electrical connections, valuable metals, semimetals, and chemicals that seep dangerous ingredients into the environment. Sadly, only 20 percent of electronic waste gets recycled, but better options for electronics’ owners are becoming available.

A Modern Solution for the Disposal of Aging Devices

One of these options comes in highly visible recycling kiosks from the ecoATM company. These machines accept your outdated devices and offer up a cash payment in return. The kiosks are located in a lot of convenient locations such as malls, grocery stores, and department stores. Before getting into the ease of recycling your old cellphone with the help of the “cellphone ATM,” take a look at the traditional options for selling your phone:

  • You may choose to create a listing on a social media marketplace, a buy-and-sell website, or another type of online listing. Once you meet a buyer, you’ll hand your phone over (hoping you’ve successfully cleared your data) and get some money in return.
  • If you’re buying a new phone, the manufacturer may give you some money for the old model. This isn’t a bad idea, but you may get much less for the phone than if you were to sell it to someone else.

There’s nothing really wrong with these options, but it does take time, and sometimes negotiations are required. The device ATM offers a third choice that cuts out a lot of time and haggling.

Access to Quick Cash

One of the primary reasons people choose to dispose of their devices through a kiosk is the chance to get some quick money. A broken cellphone won’t get much as a trade-in for a new phone through the manufacturer, but it could fetch a good amount when it’s turned in for the use of its parts. As soon as you slip your phone into the appropriate kiosk receptacle, you get an immediate payment rather than risking that your phone won’t sell.

Where Devices Go After the Kiosk

If your phone is in good shape, it will probably head to another owner. Older phones and devices, however, may have platforms that are too outdated for straight resale. These devices are often dismantled and then passed along to repair shops where batteries, screens, wiring, memory boards, and even the outside cases can be used.

Preparing Your Phone for the Kiosk

Once you’ve decided that ecoATM kiosks are the best route for your purposes, there are a few steps you should take:

  • Make sure your battery is fully charged, so it stays on through the necessary steps.
  • Download and save all of your photos, contact information, and other data. You won’t have any access to your device after selling it.
  • Take the SIM card out of the phone. Even if you’ve deleted your data, these cards still hold chunks of memory.
  • Reset your phone to factory settings. This further erases your personal information.
  • Clean up the surface of your phone. Some machines will read smudges as damages.

After working through the necessary information exchange, you can either accept the offered price and share your fingerprint or cancel the transaction and try for better luck somewhere else.

Whether you’re motivated by the need for some fast cash or by a desire to keep electronics out of landfills, a digital device ATM is a great option. These machines are located in many public locations for convenient access, and you aren’t committed to the transaction until you’re satisfied that it’s a good deal.