For admission to universities in the US, the UK and several other countries students are required to submit letters of recommendation to the selection committee of the university.

What are reference letters?

It is the letter from the teachers and other individuals engaged in studying, describing the student’s academic potential and personal qualities. In most cases, these are needed among the other introductory documents, along with a diploma, scores on exams, interviews and cover letters.

Who can write a letter of recommendation?

When a student needs to submit it to the university, they must decide who will write these letters. They have to choose wisely. The value of it constitutes two measures: first, how well the person, who gives references, knows you as a student and as a person; second, how responsible they will treat your request.

Usually universities ask for two or three references. First of all, it is referred to the references from teachers. Some universities also require letters from employers, colleagues or people with whom you worked together on any project. This is specifically true for those entering the MBA program.

With the request for writing recommendations you should turn to the teachers who know you and taught you for a long time. It should be notable for personal approach, and a person who can objectively assess your attitude to learning, your knowledge and abilities should write it, not some write my essay service.

If we are talking about school teachers, it’s better to choose those who taught you for a few years, those who were your class teacher or the head teacher of the school. In the case of university teachers, it is best to ask for a reference from the head of your course or research work. Remember that the position of a person who gives references is not as important as the personal approach. In other words, a simple recommendation from a teacher may be more useful than one from the principal’s part.

What should be written in the reference letter?

It contains, first of all, student’s characteristics. For admission to a university, these characteristic must be positive, describing the academic success, student’s strengths and achievements, as well as the qualities that help in their studies, for how well they write an essay.

However, experts do not advise to provide them written in ‘common’ words which can describe almost any student. The best impression on the selection committee is made a reference letter, written in original language, speaking (in addition to the dry facts and figures) of any cases from student’s life that characterize them as a person, of the plans for the future of the student, their dreams and goals.

In addition, from this piece of writing, it should be obvious why the student deserves to study in selected universities and on the chosen program.

Observe a few simple rules for writing a good reference letter

  1. Do not apply the same one to different schools. Each letter must be written targeted at a specific institution. The references should include information on why you want to enter this university and this program.
  2. It is advisable to prepare ‘tips’ for those who gives references, which will indicate your progress, your strengths and any important information. Thus, you get only the crucial references.
  3. Try to establish personal contact with those who will write you a recommendation. For example, invite them to tea or coffee, talk about your future plans, why it is important for you to study at a particular university, ask their advice.