In today’s world attention is money and so it has become very difficult to capture the attention of people who are the target market of your business. To grab the attention of your customers, you will have to fight against big companies that have good marketing departments and you will have to compete against the social networks and many other distractions. However it does not mean that you need a lot of money to implement your marketing strategies or be too dramatic to be unique among the others.

The following are 5 creative ways for business marketing.

1. Endorsement with a local celebrity
– there are a lot of businessmen who have the dream of getting their product endorsed with a celebrity popular all over the world. However, instead of running behind a global celebrity to make your business popular, reach out for a local celebrity. Local celebrities are the ones that are popular in your place, about whom your local newspapers write about. As they belong to your locality, they can be easily contacted through phone or email and request them to endorse your business products. Another advantage is that as these celebrities are from your neighborhood, people connect to them easily and will listen to the celebrity, thus your business will be improved.
2. Form a Group in LinkedIn– It is free and easy to create a group in LinkedIn which will create a useful and vibrant information resource to your professional network. It also helps to improve your site traffic and sales too. It will be a little hard in the beginning as it takes a little bit of effort and need some time, but when you concentrate on providing resources and debates, forums etc that will benefit your company, it will become easy. these LinkedIn groups should be places where the members can meet online with other professionals
3. Publish on niche blogs– it is hard to get published on the popular magazines, so it will be good if you try getting featured on the niche blogs that are popular. Choose a few blogs that have visitors of similar to your target market, after researching those blogs contact the blog owners and offer him some ideas on how you can add extra value their blog readers. It can be done through giving the owner of the blog a few products or services of your company free of cost. These products can be used by blog owners to gift their blog visitors or write free blog posts or you can also ask if the blog owner is interested in giving a interview that can be featured on your website. This will encourage the blog owner to market your business as it will highlight his business.
4. Create You Tube Videos– You Tube has 800 million visitors every month. It is wonderful and unique platform to market your business online. For using You Tube as your medium do not just post simple product videos. Create videos that includes headlines with popular keywords, clear message from the editor, ask your viewers to subscribe to your site. You can do all of this with just little time, effort and money. Spend some amount on lights, camera and software to edit the videos. Your smart phone will do the job of capturing video online. Editing can be done on your Mac.5. Write an e-book- these days you do not have to spend huge amount of money on publishing a book. You can get a book in digital format uploaded for free from Amazon. It will take a share of 33% on every copy of the book that is sold. Your intention should not be to make profit of the book instead make use of it like a medium to encourage the readers into your site for further details. You can even hire ghost writers at sites like iwriter, elance etc who convert the audio clips and blog posts in the form of a book. You can market your book for an affordable price and get it promoted using social media.