Business Phone Systems for Effective Communications

Despite the proliferation of new methods of communication like social media, email, or text messaging; business phones and phone systems continue to be vital tools for conveying information in an effective way. The ideal phone system depends on, among other aspects, the size of the company, desired calling features, mobility, and the technology that best suits your business needs.

It is important to highlight that the latest technology for office phone systems, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), enhances business communications while saving costs, especially on international calls. According to a Market Research report shared by IBISWorld, “30 million Americans pay for VoIP service and over the 10 years to 2017, the industry’s contribution to the economy is expected to increase at an annualized rate of 15.3%.”

In other words, VoIP is here to stay. And if you want to get on board with this technology, you’ll be glad to know that we’ve gone the homework for you. These are the top 10 best-selling phone systems that can fit your business needs while helping you enhance your corporate communications:

Avaya IP Office 500V2

This is a sophisticated unified communication system that enables your entire company to connect from different places and collaborate in real-time. Ideal for companies with multiple locations.

Telco Depot TD-1000 IP

This phone system supports up to 50 VoIP phones. One of the most outstanding features of this phone system is its high-definition sound.

Telco Depot TD-2000 IP

IP systems have become popular due to the ease of installation. This phone system provides its users over 80 standard features.

Allworx 6X IP

Allworx 6X IP phone system has the largest set of traditional telephone capabilities of any VoIP solution in its class. Perfect for companies with remote users who can connect instantly. Designed for offices with up to 30 users.

Allworx 48x

Created for companies of up to 250 employees per site. This phone system is energy-efficient and has optional conference bridges.

Vertical SBX 6X16

If you need to replace a key system, the Vertical SBX allows you to have an easy transition. This phone system is ideal for offices with 2 to 40 users.

Vertical MBX

Vertical MBX allows you to get access to advanced features; improving business operations and corporate communications. Perfect for 2 to 324 users.

Vertical SBX IP

Vertical SBX delivers a complete VoIP capability, helping your organization increase its productivity. The Vertical SBX is easy to install and cost-effective.

XBlue X16

Perfect for a small office with 2-12 employees. The X16 is the cheapest office phone system that provides you high quality, reliability, and real value.

XBlue X25

Optimal for businesses with up to 16 employees, you can install the phone system yourself. Thanks to this phone system your team can work from home or remotely.

If you are interested in any of the phone systems described above, we recommend one of the leading phone system providers in the telecom industry, Telco Depot. They can provide you further information and can also help you make an informed decision.

What are the features you look for in a business phone system? What is your ideal phone system? We appreciate if you could share your thoughts with us. Do not forget to write your comments below!



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