In the past search engines and social media were considered as different entities. SEO helped people find you on the search and social media helped you engage better. SEO loyalists believed that one had no impact on the other. But it is not the case anymore these days. Social media influences the search results greatly these days. It plays a great role in bringing traffic to a site or blog and when the traffic increases so will the page rankings. Thus Social media and the SEO influence each other very much.
It is not just the traffic that social media affects SEO, it helps optimize the online business presence too. Here are some tips and advice for optimizing online business presence for social media search.
1. Bran building on prominent social networking sites- your business needs to have a business profile of your own on the social networking sites like twitter, facebook, LinkedIn etc. Many users who log into their social networking accounts search for brands daily on these sites. If you do not have a brand profile on these social networking sites, these users will not find you there and they will find your competitor who has a brand profile there. Make sure you make use of your business name on sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. if you do not have one already then hurry up and create one at this instant.
2. Place icons of social media on the blog’s homepage- apart from building your business brand on social networks, you need to place the social media icons on your blog’s homepage. This is because search engines prefer seeing your blog or website, which is a the trusted illustration of business brand that belongs to you, is aiming links to the social networking pages that you have. Place links of your social media on your site’s main page and all other pages in your website’s menu.
3. Place social sharing plug-ins in the blog or website- allow your website or blog readers and visitors to comment on your posts, share them and like them. Allow them to follow each page or post on your site using the social media plug ins that are included in every social networking sites. The era of comment box are gone and replaced with Facebook comments. Your chances of being found out on social network search will be increased when you have more people interacting with your business which is socially visible.
4. Every blog post should have the brand logo on it- it is very important that the social media search engines see that all the topics that are posted by you has a connection to your business name. For example if you are a realtor, then your post must have your post name followed by your business name. You should always make sure you check your business name prior to commenting, clicking on the post, pin or share it.
5. You must get followed, shared, commented and liked- many business owners believe it that signing up for social networking accounts is sufficient. But if you desire to be found easily on the social networking search engines for your business and enjoy its benefits then you have to launch campaigns that will fetch you likes, comments, shares etc. This needs intelligent marketing strategies with social networks.
Social media search engine optimization will help you increase the search engine ranks but also the SEO entirely and Google rank too. When you fair well on social networking search, it helps you fair well in Google search engine too over time. So, follow all these tips for optimizing your business presence for social media search.