The best cloud hosting provider companies

The cloud computing technology is new in the market but due its huge efficiency, the online business world is looking forward to utilize its benefits quickly. This is the reason why so many cloud hosting companies have emerged in the market and are offering competitive services. No matter whether it is a mobile application or a fully fledged website, cloud hosting has helped every business to increase their efficiency. Purchasing space on the cloud hosts is very expensive and not feasible which is why renting the hosts is considered a more appropriate choice. The top 10 companies which can offer you with cloud hosting facility are:

  1. Amazon: The Company has been serving its customers since 1994 and is known for quickly adapting itself to the changing technologies. Thus it was no surprise for its customers to know that Amazon now deals with cloud hosting as well. The company is also one of the earliest providers of such services and more than thousands of businesses and individual users are taking advantage of the cutting edge technology offered by Amazon.
  2. AT&T: AT&T is a Dallas based company which evolved in the year 1983 and is now known for providing synaptic hosting to its customers. It might not be a big name like Google or Amazon but the high end technology offered by the company has definitely attracted people from worldwide. AT&T is a popular choice for cloud hosting and is serving in USA, UK and Asia. One of the most popular website hosted by AT&T hosting is the official website of US Olympic Committee.
  3. Enomaly: Started in Toronto in 2004, Enomaly provides best cloud hosting services which also integrates the data from various places and makes it available at a single console providing ease for the users. Various big names have recognized the company’s effort and its major client list involves France Telecom, NBC, Deutsche bank and many universities.
  4. Google: Google is one of the biggest names in the internet world and no one will be surprised to know that the company has also been offering the cloud hosting facility too. Founded in 1998, the company has been making continuous effort to adopt new technologies and this urge has been recognized by people from all over the world. While the major focus of the company is its search engine, Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google had bigger dreams in mind. Now days Google offers full fledged facility to build and host websites on Google platform which has cloud hosting at its base. Arizona University has been one of the major clients of the company.
  5. GoGrid: A subsidiary of ServePath, GoGrid was launched in 2008 at San Francisco, to provide web based services to its customers. As cloud computing emerged in the market, the company quickly shifted to this new high end technology and now helps its customers to shift from Windows or Linux based servers to cloud hosts. The limited capacity of the previous servers made cloud hosting a big hit in the market and GoGrid helped people to sustain this change.
  6. Microsoft: Microsoft is a worldwide known brand because of its operating system and other worthy software. But with this growth, the company also focused on exploring new horizons and web hosting was one of them. Its attempt to contribute to the new growing technology has emerged in the form of Azure which has been successfully tested in the market. The company claims that it is quite easy to shift one’s business to Azure which will provide them with the benefits of cloud hosting.
  7. NetSuite: Founded in 1998, NetSuite has been providing online business software since ages. The company has been exploring other horizons too off which cloud computing is the major one. The CRM and ERP tools offered by the company are major attractions among the customers. Thousands of businesses and enterprises are utilizing their service including big names like WolfGang Puck Coffee.
  8. RackSpace: One of the most trusted names in the market, RackSpace has been offering its services since 1998. The company has already been selling web hosting applications since decade but with the arrival of cloud computing in the market, it soon shifted to this cutting edge technology. The major emphasis of the company has been on dedicated hosts and the cloud’s ability to accommodate the needs of even larger businesses has benefited the company.
  9. RightScale: Founded in 2006, the company is making keen effort to offer world class facility to its customers. It started off its foot in cloud hosting by managing the customer’s resources and outsourcing it to companies like GoGrid for meeting the hosting needs. The company does the task of building data centers for the client and then outsourced them to bigger brands. Normally the websites with huge amount of data relied on the services of RightScale. Thus the major clients of the company include social networking websites only.
  10. The Company majorly deals in two aspects of service; firstly providing CRM and other management tools and secondly in providing web applications and hosting solutions. The sole aim of the company was to replace the traditional business tools and provide the customers with the latest ones in the market so that they can achieve higher business competency. The company’s efforts have been recognized in the market and it has clients in almost every sector including retail and financial sector.

Cloud hosting has a number of benefits for the online business which is the major reason why most of them are shifting from their previous hosting providers. There are so many companies in the market which can provide you with high quality cloud hosting however if you are new to the technology then here is the list of top 10 cloud hosting providers in the market today. You can also have a look at the top cloud web hosting websites to see how this new technology has increased the website’s efficiency and functionality.