Education has been improvised by the advent of internet technology and it has changed the way of live. Technology provides opportunities to be able to research anything and everything with just a touch of key and at the comforts of your home. Technology has proven to benefit the field of education too. The following are some benefits of technology in education.

  1. It allows children to start learning things from an early age itself which makes them prepared for facing challenges of life in the future.
  2. Students can apply for colleges or universities online and even check what subjects they can choose. It is especially beneficial for students who want to apply to foreign universities. They can avail all the info online.
  3. Internet technology makes the child get more interested in learning things. They can even learn better than when compared to text book learning.
  4. Technology is very beneficial for single moms. They can get a degree to teach their kids in future. The US government even provides grants t them.
  5. Internet technology helps people stay connected with friends and family. There are many ways to stay connected like using Skype, Gtalk, Yahoo messenger etc for voice calling and video calling. One can even share photos, videos etc through social networking sites online. Thus internet technology makes the world a small place.
  6. Education can be freed from geographical constraints. With internet technology, students and teachers do not have to meet in school within the same city. One can take classes from anywhere and at any time.
  7. Teachers and students can interact with each other well, and learn things even when they are miles apart.
  8. Parents can become more active and involved in their children’s education.
  9. Teachers will be relieved from the traditional classroom and can be employed in other productive ways and have new career paths.
  10. Schools can be operated at low costs, relying more on technology and less on labor.
  11. Internet technology can help educate children even in the under developed parts of the world. For example, Africa where there no schools ever where. With internet technology there children can be educated through online classes.
  12. These advantages are an educational promise of technology and it is for sure that in the years to come, it will only get better. The power of technology is that what lies in the future cannot be predicted. In the past no one would have even wondered how internet would grow to become such great force or that children would use laptops and notebooks to gather information on anything in the world. These are some of the wonderful developments that we have noticed in the past few decades.

Though education technology is still in its budding stage, there s no doubt that the information revolution can revolutionize education. Information and knowledge are the foundation for education. For people to be educated, it is not possible for the information revolution to unfold and not have transformative implications for how kids can be educated and how teachers and educational institutions can perform their jobs in a more productive way. Technology really helps education. So parents, teachers, educational institutions and the entire community must make an effort to make the change possible. Technology when used properly for educational purposes can provide students with stron education that helps them for future research and innovations.
So, if you are a teacher or run an educational institution or a parent stress on the importance of using technology in education and let your child learn better and lay a strong foundation for the future.