When you run a buisness you need to make sure your assets are taken care of. You can do that with RFID tracking systems, thanks to technology. Learn how it works now.

How are you protecting your business’ assets? If you don’t have the answer to the question, your assets might not be as protected as you might think.

The solution to this problem could be RFID tracking systems. In this article, we’ll break down how you can benefit from this technology to protect your assets.

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What is RFID Technology?

RFID is short for radio-frequency identification. Think of RFID as a digital data barcoding system which allows all the information to be entered into a special tag.

The information in the tag can be read an identified using radio waves sent from a special reader.

How Does it Work?

RFID technology is part of the Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) family. This technology specializes in identifying objects and automatically sending and collecting information on them.

In order for RFID Technology to do its job, it needs an RFID tag, a reader, and an antenna.


RFID tags are essential for making this technology work. The tags, or smart labels, are embedded with an antenna and an integrated circuit, which transmits the information to the reader.

Aside from the integrated circuit, the RFID tag is also composed of a protective material to minimize the risk of damage.

Industries Using RFID Tracking Systems

RFID technology has now stretched across countless industries. Quake Global LinkedIn is an example of a company that delivers RFID solutions to industries across the board.

These are only a few of the industries which have adopted RFID asset tracking:


The manufacturing industry benefits greatly from RFID tracking systems to protect their assets.

Not only do lost assets end up costing the company lots of money, they also cause delays and products don’t their final destination.

RFID systems help manufacturing companies keep better track of products.

School System

Even though the education system is not for profit, they still have important assets to protect — for example, lab equipment, books, classroom materials, and others.

The schools are better equipped to perform inventories using this technology.

Not only does RFID protect school property, it also protects the students. Some schools integrated this technology to track students riding their bikes to school.


With so many people passing through hospitals, it’s difficult to keep track of where all the equipment and supplies.

If these items are not accounted for, hospitals might lack the resources necessary to help patients.

RFID technology makes it possible to track hospital assets.

Law Enforcement

In law enforcement, if the evidence goes missing, the criminal might walk away free. Law enforcement also needs to keep track of all of their equipment.

This is where RFID comes in. It helps law enforcement keep track of items that allow them to serve and protect.

The Bottom Line

RFID tracking systems are an effective and time-saving method for companies to keep track of their assets.

This technology allows multiple industries to keep track of their inventory and keep the team accountable.

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