SaaS Marketing And Design Trends For 2020


Website design and marketing companies are important in helping businesses drive their online presence. With many companies now starting to appreciate the importance of having great web developers and designers who also utilize online marketing techniques, it’s only natural that designers look for ways to stay ahead of the competition.

So what are the good trends you should look for from a potential web design company to introduce to your SaaS website? Well, if your organization or website hasn’t already thought about mobile users, now is the time to do so.

Responsive website design

Usage of the mobile internet has now surpassed that of internet users on desktop and laptop. As such, websites need to be built with mobile users in mind. This is achieved through responsive design where a web designer will build websites with small mobile screens in mind. Before this, the trend was to make mobile-friendly websites fit larger screens. Doing this means visitors to your website won’t miss out on any information – irrespective of the device they are using. Responsive web design is also critical in terms of your SaaS SEO strategy, as you will need to tweak your marketing efforts to suit mobile searches.

Originality is also another big trend

Originality is also another big trend in the world of SaaS. There is still a good use for stock imagery and standardized text, but many companies want images, text and videos that are unique to their business. One way in which this is being explored by good web design companies is via the creation of original video content for website use. It’s likely that you’ve been on websites that feature unique video and audio on the splash page. These videos are either produced in conjunction with web designers, or by the web designers themselves.

Showcase your security efforts

All businesses today need to prioritize cybersecurity, and this is something you can do through your website. Show that you’re committed to security through using HTTPS:// and secure VPN services. Also, make sure you have security badges and a clear security policy on your website.

Experimenting with page layouts

Each year brings new web design concepts, ideas and norms for how you should structure both web page layout and website structure in general. Website designers can help you best apply these trends and suggestions to your website as they can be fast-moving to keep up with and difficult to add to your website. Here are three-page layout suggestions for your web design:

1.Start by thinking about your use of white spaces on your pages. You might not think that white space is a hack but take a look at some of the most successful websites. They don’t fill every black area of the screen with images, graphics or text. White space can be used to demarcate important content. Whilst white space and elegance are currently in style, too many web sites try to cram their content into too small a space or place it ‘above the fold’. Space things out and give your digital agency London and readers room to breathe.

2.Split screens. Here the page is divided into two parts, often of equal size. Pages are divided in this way to show two important pieces of information and to express duality in content. This could be to promote a product or service with two equally significant features or versions. A traditional stacked layout is not suitable as it emphasises one feature over another.

3.Finally, when creating your website, consider whether your software product would benefit from a container-free layout. This involves removing elements such as dividers, boxes, footers and headers.       This minimalism gives visitors a simple, elegant linear presentation without any visual packaging. Reader’s attention is solely focused on your content.

In summary

 Creating or updating a SaaS website for the modern internet landscape is a challenge. However, you need to keep both web design and marketing tips in mind when doing so, including SEO-friendly content, a responsive website, and security and layout choices. If you follow the above tips, you’ll have a great SaaS website in no time.