Salesource Best all in one E-commerce Dropshipping Software

What do you think is the most important factor to lead your business towards success? Competitor analysis, don’t you agree? Every factor plays an important role, however, if you don’t understand your competitors they may overtake you and successfully conquer your audience.

It has become quite hard for businesses to keep up with their audience’s preferences. The competition will always help you in making your business better. It is important to keep an eye on your competitor as both of you are working to impress the same set of audience.

The e-commerce industry has been thriving over the past few years and it is paving way for many small businesses around it. Ever heard of “dropshipping”? It is gaining popularity among the masses, as a viable business model that allows you to start an e-commerce business right from the comfort of your home. One could say it is the easiest and the cheapest methods to start an online business. Some are even calling it the future of e-commerce as it

Even though this concept is quite inexpensive, you must perform a lot of research before dropping your new dropshipping business. You must understand the target market and put in your best efforts to keep the business going.

Don’t worry, there are many analytics and market research tools available in the market that will help you in performing the research. SaleSource is one such market research tool that is popular among dropshippers.


E-commerce businesses require you to be on your toes. You must understand your audience preferences and spot winning products that could bring your online store into a public spotlight. Then SaleSource is the perfect tool for you. It is an all-in-one e-commerce AI SaaS platform that will take your business towards success.

Wondering what is so special about SaleSource?

Happy customers

With SaleSource you can keep your customers happy and satisfied. How? You must be thinking. It allows you to find the best suppliers with just one click. Sounds cool, right? You can instantly view suppliers for a given product. Simply put, you can get a product for the USA shipping, at the cheapest price, and much more benefits. Imagine the amount of time and money you could save, whilst keeping your customers satisfied.

Market Saturation

How do you know if a product is hot or not? Highly confusing, right? If you judge it based on your opinions and views, there are high chances of your judgement going wrong.  But with SaleSource you can perform market saturation easy and quick. You can see who ordered most units of any product. SaleSource has made it effortless, as you add the chrome extension that makes the process easy and seamless.

Understand the trend

You can view the detailed trends of any product units sold in a day for the past six months. This way you can easily examine and understand if a product is trending currently or not. Not only that, it will assist you in finding out the products that are available on top stores such as Shopify. They have a list of around 20,000  famous & top selling stores and they are updated weekly. It also offers you a personal dropshipping feed, in which products will disappear daily. With it, you can understand what is popular or not on a daily basis.

Chrome Extension

Google is the most popular browser out there, don’t you agree? Everyone on the face of the earth would know about Google Chrome. What makes SaleSource amazing as it provides users with a chrome extension. Wondering how chrome extension can make your work easy. Usually, to perform analysis, you must download the software. 

But if you have chrome extension you don’t have to download it, but can still review and analyse the best selling products. Chrome extension provides you with information such as sales chart, product specifications, pricing, etc. You can analyse the popular products in the market and list only the best in your store.


Premium Tools at your disposal

SaleSource offers you premium tools that will help you in finding top converting product videos, top-rated suppliers. It will also help you in generating high-quality descriptions for any product. You can also view your competitor’s stores for a particular product. SaleSource also assists you in finding proven bestsellers, get your hands on new popular products before they become a huge hit.

Find top suppliers

The features of SaleSource are tailored for dropshipping success. With them, you can view dropshipping suppliers from USA, products that have viral video content and you can also track the popular products of top stores. Sounds cool, right? The SaleSource has a trusted supplier module, which provides you with goods at the factory price. Most importantly you will also get your products in 7-days from China.   

Analyse your competitors

You can view detailed metrics on your competitors such as store apps & technology, best selling products, monthly revenue, date of site creation and more. If you want to succeed in your business, it is important to analyse and understand your competitors along with your audience.

Pricing Plans

SaleSource is highly pocket-friendly. It is offering the best services to its customers at affordable prices. This tool offers three plans, choose a plan that fits your needs. It also offers 7- day, no risk, free trial available. You can subscribe to it monthly or yearly. The free trial gives you complete access to the software. It allows you to access your competitor data. And the best thing is you can upgrade or downgrade any time you wish. The yearly plan is lite on your pocket too.

You will gain access to more than 15 lakh products, personal product feed, competitor intelligence, bulk video finder, chrome extension for product research and much more. If you take the Elite plan, you will get all-in-one features that can take your e-commerce business to the next level. Do you have queries? Contact SaleSource customer support, they are always ready to help you.

Essential- $29/month per year

Pro- $59/month per year’

Elite- $199/month per year


SaleSource directly integrates and supports with Shopify. And the product analysis of this tool supports all the e-commerce platforms. It is the best marketing tool available in the market. With this tool, you will be able to earn profits with little investment. You can get trending products at factory pricing from reliable sources. They provide you with custom packing and any other personalisation. What are you waiting for? Use this e-commerce dropping software to start your online business and take it towards success.