SaleSource vs SaleSource WooCommerce


SaleSource Original and SaleSource Woo versions: what’s the difference?  SaleSource has a great team of developers who have created  a turnkey solution to help you start and run your own dropshipping business (dropship spy tool). Here’s an important detail about the plugin. When you buy it, you get access to both versions, the original WordPress plugin and the WooCommerce  plugin.  When it’s time to integrate the plugin with your website, you’ll choose which version to activate. 

What’s the difference between SaleSource Original and SaleSource Woo? 

Let’s start with the basics.  There are three main differences between these plugin versions. 

Website platform

SaleSource Plugin works on WordPress.  WordPress is a free, open-source content management system (CMS).  If you have WordPress installed and hosted under your domain name, you can use SaleSource.  The SaleSource Plugin will add all the necessary functionality and convert your WordPress site  into a dropshipping store. 

WooCommerce is another way to sell products and services from your WordPress site.  It is also a free WordPress plugin with additional features available as extensions.  SaleSource Woo provides the special features to make a WooCommerce online store work as a dropshipping store. 

If your site runs on WordPress without WooCommerce, choose the original version.  If you already have WooCommerce installed, choose the Woo version.  The recommended number of products for a WooCommerce-based store is about 500.  If you add more the store might get overloaded and start performing a bit slower.  WordPress without WooCommerce doesn’t have such limitations.  It can easily process up to 10,000 items.  If you want to build a large-scale business, the best option is a regular WordPress site  plus the original SaleSource plugin. 


Both versions can import products and reviews from AliExpress, transfer the orders to your AliExpress suppliers, update product info and prices, and apply the desired tax and  shipping settings.  Both will simplify your dropshipping routine and automate the most important business processes (including aliexpress dropshipping).  The difference is in the way you get these features: some of the built-in features of  SaleSource Original Plugin are implemented in WooCommerce system as separate extensions  and add-ons you will need to find and install separately.  There will also be a difference in the store’s appearance.  A range of themes was developed specifically for the original SaleSource plugin.  They are designed to stimulate impulse purchases and have been tested on our own stores.  The number of our own WooCommerce themes is limited. 

The reason for it is simple: thousands of developers offer unique WooCommerce themes that you are free to choose. There is a list of recommended WooCommerce themes on our site.  Themes such as Shopper and Storefront and others are fully compatible with SaleSource Woo Plugin. 


WooCommerce is a flexible platform.  If you have SaleSource WooCommerce plugin installed, you can broaden the range of its functions quite a bit.  But you have to do it by installing additional external plugins not developed by our team.  So, you need to have some background knowledge in website development or at least have some  previous experience in online store management.  Even if you have no dropshipping experience, you can easily use the original SaleSource plugin.  It comes with lots of extra management features, so you don’t need to look for solutions  to boost its performance.  Anyone can launch a store with minimal effort. 

That brings us to the main point.  How to decide which SaleSource plugin version is best for you?  Answer three questions. 

Question 1: Is this your first dropshipping store?  If it is, choose SaleSource Original.  Question 2.  Do you have the tech skills to build a WooCommerce store and set up the details yourself?  Are you a programmer, or a developer, or an IT person that could handle that?  Consider SaleSource Woo. 3.  How do you want your store to look?  Take a look at the themes. Your store’s appearance depends on which version you choose.  If at least 2 statements are true for you, go for SaleSource Woo plugin.  If not, then the original version of SaleSource plugin is the perfect choice for you. 

Please note, it is not possible to install both versions on the same website.  It won’t work properly.  The same license cannot be used for two websites also.  Select only one SaleSource plugin version and install it on one website. 

Let’s sum up what we’ve learned.  SaleSource Original works on bare WordPress.  SaleSource Woo works with a WordPress site that has WooCommerce installed.  If you want a large general store, the original version is the one to choose since it supports up to 10,000 items. The Woo version works for a niche store with up to 500 items.  Keep in mind that WooCommerce is a complex system where you build your shop with add-ons and extensions for each task, so it requires some experience or willingness to learn.  If you are a newbie, please choose SaleSource Original – it’s just easier for beginners.  And check out the designs of both SaleSource Original and SaleSource Woo to find the one  you like the most! Now that you know the differences, it’s easier for you to pick the best option for  you.