Those in the know will never harbor any doubts regarding the importance of search engine optimization for driving healthy organic traffic, however, by and large, SEO has remained one of the most misunderstood and underestimated terms by marketers. For it to be effective, SEO needs to constantly evolve and change with the marketing and the search engine environments. Some tips on what you should be ready to deal with in the coming year:

Intent More Vital Than Keywords

Traditionally SEO has revolved around businesses trying to identify keywords that are used by online searchers to look for information. Now the importance has shifted from the actual keyword to the content itself that needs to deliver information of value to users. Google has become smarter and is now able to figure out if users find value in the content rather than just encountering keywords in it at random. Due to this, long tail keywords that mimic how users actually frame their queries have become more important for SEO, according to experts at SandCrestSEO, a reputed SEO agency.

Artificial Intelligence Now a Fact of Life

There has been a lot of excitement regarding the emergence of Amazon Alexa, Google Home, as well as, improvements in Cortana and Siri. Many online marketers are realigning their SEO strategies to take advantage of the new capabilities enabled by AI. There is now more importance of the image quality for delivering better page ranks along with titles and descriptions that are precisely written with keywords naturally infused and a factual style of presentation using bullets.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

Mobile web searches have been on the rise ever since the advent of smartphones and today more than half of all Google searches are being done on mobile devices. It is now critical to develop mobile-optimized websites to offer a better browsing experience on the small screens;because websites that are not optimized are already witnessing a drastic fall in traffic. According to experts, the preference for browsing on mobiles is expected to keep on growing. It makes sense, therefore, to immediately optimize your site for mobiles.

Rich Snippets to Be More Important

Rich snippets are a great time-saver for searchers who don’t want to click on the search results to figure out if it contains the relevant information. This feature is expected to undergo radical development to ensure that sites get the maximum exposure even on mobile devices. It is expected that rich snippets will be presented in a different layout for mobile browsing so that they are more appealing and able to boost the click-through-rate.


Online searchers, especially those who are using mobile devices, favor sites that load fast and have a clean interface that makes it easy to find information. In fact, those are the very same reasons why Google has been able to build up such an indomitable position very quickly even when there were so many other search engines. Users will use sites that load very fast so you need to do everything to optimize the loading speed.