Setting a high bar: why a pub can be a great place for you to advertise your business


For a number of hard-working citizens, one of the best ways to relax after a difficult day in the office is to meet with friends or family for a drink in a pub or bar. That’s why, if you are a marketer yourself, you may want to consider putting up advertisements around these types of venues. After all, they bring in a wider clientele than if you simply marketed your brand online. There are many types of OOH advertising to consider, including newspapers, billboards and vehicles, however, a pub can be an example of venue marketing that can increase your sales. Here are the reasons why!

The perfect audience

Bar advertising is a great way to find an audience without even trying. Instead of having an online advertisement that people ignore due to ad blockers, thirsty drinkers will come into the venue in order to see their friends and loved ones. People only find advertising intrusive if it interferes with what they have been up to. So, for instance, if someone tried to watch a video online, they may get upset if an advertisement suddenly appears in the middle of their programme, especially if they can’t skip it. They may get just as angry if an advertisement appears on a website that they cannot click away from.

If you display your advertisement in a setting where it is simply in the background, that means that it will be subtle in regards to its marketing capabilities. People may look at your advertisements that are posters hanging on the walls or are on TVs at the bar. Therefore, it will have more impact on a potential customer.

Unique advertising opportunities 

One of the best things about pubs and bars is that you don’t just have to go for the standard form of advertising. Instead, you can go for subtler options, including coasters, bar mats, advertisements in pub magazines and posters. In some cases, you may even decide to sponsor an event going on at the pub, such as a concert, competition or pub quiz. That way the name of your brand can be placed on advertising material that an audience will be able to see before an act goes on, such as microphones and posters. 

Word of mouth

Don’t forget that a bar or pub can be useful in terms of organic advertisements. People love talking about the latest events or companies that they are happy to work with. That means that if they go to a sociable environment, it is very likely that they will spread what they know through word of mouth. All it takes is for one advertisement to be placed nearby to start a conversation. If an advertisement is interactive, it is more likely that a viewer will use it. Make sure to be creative with your advertisements. For instance, you could allow customers to get special offers if they click on the screen. If you want to use this for social media marketing, you can even add a hashtag!

Overall, there are many fantastic benefits of advertising your business in a pub, or any other hospitality environment for that matter. By doing so, you can raise the bar of your marketing strategy, allowing your business to successfully grow in the future.