ShoeSize.Me is an online service that provides shoe size recommendations

What does ShoeSize.Me Company do?

ShoeSize.Me is an online service that provides shoe size recommendations.

The ShoeSize.Me product is a plug-in that is integrated to online shoe shops and gives customers a personalised, perfect shoe size recommendation for any specific shoe model.

The user clicks on the plug-in after which he is asked to provide a shoe model and size that fits him well. The ShoeSize.Me algorithm cross-references with its extensive shoe data bank and immediately generates the optimal shoe size.

Consumers benefit from more consumer confidence and less hassle of returning ill-fitting shoes. Online shoe shops face significantly reduced shipping costs as less shoes are ordered in multiple sizes, and less shoes are returned.


Why do we need ShoeSize.Me?

Only 5% of shoes are bought online out of which around 50% are returned due to a bad fit. Shoe sizes differ internationally, between and within brands. Lack of consumer confidence can cause the online shopper to order shoes in multiple sizes and then return them, or not order at all.

Online Shoe Shops face high shipping costs due to returns of ill-fitting shoes. With the accurate shoe size recommendation, the purchase of multiple shoes sizes as well as the returns of ill-fitting shoes dramatically decreases.

The ShoeSize.Me, shoe size recommendation plug-in will boost consumer confidence and encourage the purchase of shoes online, whilst reducing costs for online retailers.

Who is ShoeSize.Me For?

The ShoeSize.Me plug-in benefits both online retailers and online shoppers.

Any shopper hesitant to purchase shoes online due to sizing irregularities and fearing having to send shoes back will find the ShoeSize.Me service extremely helpful. The algorithm behind the plug-in is designed for maximum accuracy, down to a specific model, half-sizes and international sizes.

Online shoe shops struggling to keep up with the rest of the expanding e-commerce world also find the shoe size recommendation beneficial. Whilst increased consumer confidence means more purchases online, reduced shipping costs due to ill-fitting shoes also tremendously benefit online retailers.

What makes ShoeSize.Me Stand out from others?

The exciting thing about the ShoeSize.Me idea is that neither the user nor the consumer need to physically go out of their way to receive shoe sizing advice, as neither shoes nor feet need to be measured. The algorithm and the shoe data bank of ShoeSize.Me is capable of recommending the optimal size for each individual based solely on a single pair of reference shoes provided by the user.

Furthermore, ShoeSize.Me accounts for the subjectivity of Shoe Sizing. Whilst certain measurements may suggest one shoe size, personal habit and comfort may require a different size.

What’s Next ?

ShoeSize.Me is expanding its shoe size data bank in alignment with its clients. Furthermore, ShoeSize.Me is dependent on its users, so online shoe shoppers, to create profiles and list shoe models and their respective sizes that fit them well. In doing so, the algorithm can be improved even more by cross-referencing users.

The ultimate goal of ShoeSize.Me is to able to give shoe size recommendation for any shoe model available in any online shop.