1.1       Introduction

Backup Software and Archive Solutions are two different beasts altogether. While they may seem similar, the way they are built is very different.

Currently, enterprises are holding on to their old backups solutions in fear of messing something up while transitioning to something new. Also believing that maybe new type of archiving solutions are not worth the hype or at least the outcome wouldn’t be as good as they think it should be.


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Mainly, the cost of purchasing such new equipment needs to be justified and throughout this article we will see exactly how this decision fairs on the open market.

1.2       Current Backup Solutions

As previously mentioned, currently companies are sticking with outdated structures for backup. Be it paper or archiving in regular backup types which are not meant for such a procedure. This, even though is well known throughout the organization might not be the best solution and various other mediums should be considered, such as Cloud Archiving as one of the better ones among them.

1.3       Current Backup Issues

The first thing that comes to mind is rapidity. The speed in which requests from users are handled in order for them to get their Data back is slow at best. In order to do this, IT has to find out which the right Data is and then go through SLA only to find out that there are inconsistencies with the user request. Only taking up even more time.

Migrating to a better solution is a total nightmare for the IT Staff at any company since it means having to learn a completely new system and not to mention all of the issues that can come out of the migration. Worst of all, Data Loss.

Finally, compliance can usually get in the way. There are many fine lines for the difference between backup and archival data and which can exactly be allowed to excavate and at which time. Subtle rules are surrounding companies constantly and this is no exception.

1.4       Better Archival Solutions

By reducing ourselves to a certain vendor only, there are plenty of problems that can arise. Usually using something like LTFS Tapes that most can work with is a fine way to get inconsistencies out of the way.

Hybrid Storage or even Cloud Archives could prove to be very useful as well when it comes to proper managing of data types. Different types of archival equipment works most efficiently for different types of Data. Choosing the proper one could be the difference between a cost effective or ineffective solution.

1.5       Conclusion

High amounts of Data are usually not needed in order to perform daily tasks by employees. In fact, only 10-20% is what is actually used, while the rest just stays there gathering dust and wasting valuable server space. Space that could have been used for better purposes. By choosing the right platform and archiving solution for us, we can develop a better working model for our overall productivity and most importantly, it will be cost effective.