SITE123 has been the most accessible and innovative website builder. It develops everything from the start so that one can concentrate only on the content. when compared to the traditional website builder SITE123 editor is more effective in its uses.

With SITE123 website builder, a content management system the user can create a free website and establishes the domain’s online presence quickly.  Through this builder, the designed website can be shared on a social media.

Why use SITE123?

As it is easy and simple to use, one can design and launch the website quickly and freely without any hassles. Any user can efficiently use it without any designing and coding skills. Even a user need not spend time for drag and drop, just uploading a content is enough. SITE123 website builder creates a cross-platform which is compatible with all applications which are available in the market.

Uses of creating a  custom domain

By creating a custom sub-domain user can easily find the website’s address on the website’s dashboard. To retain the traffic from the site and its loading time, it is essential to look into the location of the site’s storage. To minimize the loading time, SITE123 websites are stored on CDN servers which are content distribution network servers around the globe. This makes the visitor view the site more quickly, that is loaded from the nearest location. This improves the website performance.

Benefits to the user

Even a designer can use it without any Prior skills. It helps the user with a range of custom-made layouts and styles that permits one to set up a professional website in just a fraction of minutes. From the available various styles, the user can upload contents from the mockup tool as they need. All these layouts and styles can be replaced quickly and at any moment.

Why use a website builder for building a website

  1. A good builder for a business website

With SITE123 website builder, anyone can make a user-friendly and easy to use domain website. The user can build their website without neglecting the usability and a good design.


  1. More convenient than a traditional web development

One of the most significant advantages of website builder is that it gives the control of the domain in the hands of the user. Traditional web development requires a lot of programming and a lot of code and time to develop the website which is better to use. It costs more than it is with the website builder. Though the output looks good it is not of much use for a longer run. So it is better to use a website builder.


  1. Website Management in a better manner

The user can alter and edit the website with just fewer clicks if one can build a site with SITE123. Through this, one can achieve their aims of designing a website. It also makes the user keep their website accurate and up to date, which is very important. The user can use their software and make small changes, instead of booking professionally and paying.


  1. A natural way of using

Users can track and make revisions with the content with just a click to improve their media, and images which may be a challenging task with CSS and HTML alone. If the user is very keen on making their website available online with the help of web presence, then SITE123 can helps in doing so.


Significant features of SITE123

Make online sales

With SITE123 one can design their e-commerce website and make their business available always. One can quickly add their products and start them selling. The user can design their online store.

Use of SEO tools

The user has the flexibility of using the SEO tools to make their website optimized. By using these SEO tools one can bring traffic to their website which is mobile friendly. The user can also use Meta Tags which are essential for website building. The title which the user gives goes on the search engine like google. Using proper meta tags is an added advantage to the user.  Attractive meta tags are a part of one’s search engine optimization. The SITE123 platform helps in creating meta tags for your website.

The advantage of having a secured and free hosting

One can build a site and store it on the servers for websites with free and secured hosting. These servers are located all over the world and remain as a stable platform. SITE123 maintains a utmost confidentiality and is protected with modern tools, firewalls, and secured procedures. The SITE123 system tracks the changes a user makes. Through this visitors can view the pages more quickly.

Automatic Protection

SITE123 platform protects their SSL which is free and is automatically done. This platform runs in real-time and twenty-four hours a day. The user need not worry about the security issues in designing a  website when it is with SITE123. Visitors can entirely focus on the business. Though it may be a subdomain or domain which is unique, users get a free SSL certificate. SITE123 makes it sure for whatever one chooses, the site is protected and it delivers with a trust.

Perfect Domain Availability

A user can easily find the perfect name for their domain. SITE123’s domain makes it easy to create, find and confirm in a way which makes it convenient to use also. Creating a domain name with SITE123 makes the user remember it easily. One should not use an abstract name while picking a domain name. Users often end up thinking for the domain name which pushes the website. This is all common in SITE123 search tool process which helps users to get the correct domain name.

Choosing the right type of website

SITE123 helps the user to pick a multi-page or one-page website. By creating a multi-page option the content is divided into various tabs, making the customer to access the information in the different page.  As the website offers a great number of options regarding subjects and themes one can prefer multi-page options Personal websites and blogs prefer multipage websites or blogs. If the user has a plan of publishing their photos and videos it is undoubtedly a good idea to have multi-page websites.

Price offered to the user

To design, a website for a user SITE123 charges no fees and gives the benefits of hosting and web editor tools. For this, there is no commitment or trial either. so to connect to a custom domain SITE123 website builder charges a nominal fee of $10.8 per month.


SITE123 creates a website with the ready to use templates which is best used in the market. Their styles and features give one an instant headstart. SITE123 helps any website developer to design their websites with a minimal cost.