Six Reasons Communication In Business Is Key


With a huge proportion of the working world currently working from home, it’s safe to say the ability to communicate effectively is more important than ever. As well as ensuring you can reach your deadlines as smoothly as possible, strong communication has multiple benefits when it comes to the motivation and wellbeing of your team. 

1.Encourage creative thinking

As businesses begin to recognise the importance of communication, business models that prioritise seamless collaboration like agile are becoming more and more sought after. Agile mindsets build in structures to encourage shared creative thinking from the get-go; the more comfortable your team is communicating with one another, the more likely you are to deliver high-quality products and services. 

Rather than stifling shared ideas, regular sprints mean your whole team can keep track of the work each other is doing, offer support, and ensure you’re on track to reach your goals. This way, you and your team can gain insight into the bigger picture, and work together for the best possible outcomes. Agile consulting experts can help your whole team fully embrace agile working, allowing for the most cohesive and innovative working structures. 

2.Allow your team to grow 

Without strong communication structures in place, you risk both your business and your employees becoming static. A rise in working from home can have a very positive effect on your team’s engagement, productivity and work-life balance, but it’s crucial to make sure they still have the tools to communicate seamlessly. Giving your team the confidence to share ideas, offer opinions and work together to find solutions will help your colleagues work together better, faster and more productively. 

3.Increase opportunities for flexible working

As your business grows, the chances are your teams and working hubs will spread further across the country, perhaps even internationally. As your team and offering expand, communication is key for ensuring you can offer the same quality experience to both your customers and your colleagues. The ability to coordinate smoothly and seamlessly across remote teams will help boost your internal communications and give you the ability to focus on your business growth, without the worry of your team suffering as a consequence. 

4.Boost employee engagement  

Perhaps even more important when it comes to the well-being of your team, focusing on strengthening communication between teams allows for remote work to take place easily. The events of the last year have meant that the option to work flexible hours from your preferred location is a highly sought after benefit for any new employees your business is looking to take on. Keeping your teams well-informed and up to date, no matter where in the world they’ve set up their laptop from will not only keep your team happy but attract the best candidates too.  

5.Share knowledge and skills

One of the reasons agile working prioritises communication and collaboration between teams is because of the knowledge sharing opportunities this can bring about. As industries rapidly change and the business world grows, your organisation needs to be at the forefront of new knowledge in order to capture more business, bring in profit and hone your service offering. In addition, actively training your team through knowledge sharing and seamless communication will help keep your employees engaged, and lower turnover within your teams. 

6.Eliminate unnecessary catch-up calls 

Did you know on average, employees spend ¼ of their working day sending and receiving emails, or carrying out email-related tasks? Streamlining both your internal and external communications means you can keep your whole team informed, without whiling your working day away on your emails. Instead of constant updates that not everyone needs to be involved in, agile focuses on a working culture that delivers value, seamlessly and effortlessly.