Skills You Need For Your Tech Startup


Startups are popping up daily across the world, and the great bulk of them are in some way involved in technology. As we digitize our lives, finding more efficient and convenient ways to solve problems, the traditional market for products and services is currently turning on its head. And that’s why so many startups – just like yours – are rushing to fill the gap. Often, the thing that sets the successful startups apart from the failures is the talent that you manage to onboard in your first year or two. As such, this article outlines some of the fundamental skills you need in your team to make your tech startup an instant hit.


On a personal level, you’ll need to display calm, driven and direct leadership from the get-go. Startups are busy and necessarily disorganized spaces in which you’ll be juggling responsibilities in a fast-paced and tiring environment. As well as stressing about the company that you’re pouring your hopes and dreams – and cash – into, you need to be focusing too on how your employees are handling their workloads, and how you can get the best out of them. To be a great startup boss, you should:

  • Make time to talk to each staff member about their performance
  • Schedule regular team meetings to keep everyone set on your objectives
  • Hire wisely, taking on the best-quality interns and staff members
  • Plan your business astutely, always monitoring and anticipating for problems

A good leader is essential in business, and that’s, of course, your obligation as the founder and CEO of your startup. Step up to the role and be conscious of your responsibilities.

Computer Skills

Computing knowledge, and especially an in-depth knowledge of coding and computer science, are likewise essential in startups that are focused in tech. Ideally, all your employees, including yourself, will know at least the basics of coding. Then you’ll also want to hire some experienced and knowledgeable specialists who’ll help you form the basis of your company’s product or service.

If you’re interested in learning more about computing, so that you can personally get to grips with the technicalities of your company, you should look into studying an online course in your chosen area of tech. Earn your MS in electrical and computer engineering online in order to be a more prominent voice in the technical discussions around your product or service. With this extra knowledge, communication between yourself and your technical team will run more smoothly – which means you’ll all remain on the same page as you work.

Marketing and PR

The best products in the world still need to be presented well to the world in order for them to sell and grow into the market. For this, you’ll need specialists in marketing who’re knowledgeable about all of the most modern and up-to-date digital marketing techniques that’ll help boost your sales and exposure. One or two individuals who’ve got experience in this space will be enough to plan your company’s rise to prominence.

When hiring these people, it’s crucial that you examine their previous roles and the success stories from their past. Are they able to sell products to the mass market in creative and inspiring ways? Do they have a solid grasp of social media marketing, email marketing, and digital marketing trends? These are extremely important qualifications for startup marketers. As you’ll be starting from ‘zero’ exposure, you’ll need to find creative ways to enter the public consciousness – like publicity stunts, celebrity partnerships, or guerilla marketing campaigns.

Business Analysis

Business planning might be one of the more boring parts of your startup’s development, but that’s not to say that it’s not just as important as other aspects to your business. Indeed, it’s absolutely fundamental. Drawing up a business plan, and understanding your business model, are important stages in the development of your product or service. It’s what’ll help you decide on your strategy, and keep track of your bottom line at all times.

Usually, this experience and know-how will come in the form of a chief financial officer who’ll have an excellent depth of expertise in financial modeling, risk assessment and other such variables that are extremely important to your future success. With a talent for Excel modeling and out-of-the-box thinking, this individual will work closely with you as the manager to help you set priorities and goals for each week, month and quarter, charting your progress towards success.

Web Developer

Whether you choose to get a web developer on board to your team, or you outsource to a freelance professional, is entirely up to you. But what’s imperative is that you set up a professional, easy to navigate website to display your brand and your product as soon as possible. Even before you’ve officially launched, a website will establish your little corner of the internet, and you’ll be able to drive traffic through it from the outset with blog posts and other marketing materials to get consumers excited about your imminent launch.

Web developers will take your brief and turn it into something creative and beautiful – based on your core brand values, and ultimately reeling in that extra business based on the professional appearance of your website. Remember that as well as looking good, the basic structural design of your site should be well-made, allowing customers to reach the point of sale as easily as possible.

Motivation and Determination

Finally, a mindset point – all of your employees should exhibit motivation and determination in order to drive your business into its best-possible position. This should ultimately come from you – as their leader, you need to set an example. Work hard, occasionally setting long hours to get your work done. Challenge your workers without exhausting them. And always set aside some time for team socials and rewards should you reach your targets. Momentum is all-important in the startup universe – so it’s crucially important that you keep the pace high and the passion higher in the progression of your business plan and outlook.

With these ingredients, you’ll be best-set to make a success of your startup, using the tools you have at hand to make waves in your industry, scoring higher sales figures and capturing a larger portion of the market in the process.