When we talk about Microsoft PowerPoint, it is that flagship product which is used by students, individuals as well as professionals worldwide. For the purpose of creating enticing presentations, Microsoft has provided us with a standard set of PowerPoint templates with the software. Although the availability of tools and designs with standard PowerPoint is commendable, though serious presentation enthusiasts might encounter a hard time while depicting their ideas. People often end up with the need for more options for the purpose of standing out from the crowd. Do you know that one can make a PowerPoint presentation beautiful and engaging all at the same time? With the help of ready to use PowerPoint templates, you can lay down a solid infrastructure for your presentation.

SlideModel.com is a great resource if you are willing to save your time while you create state of the art presentations. High-quality graphics, flexibility with the theme, pixel-perfect touch and 100% editable templates are what makes SlideModel different than the rest.

Designers at the portal have already done the difficult work of designing the templates, you can now just pick your favorite template and can deploy them in seconds. SlideModel houses some of the best looking professional PowerPoint templates which can be downloaded as per the requirement of the individual. It doesn’t matter if you hail from the corporate world or academics, anyone can leverage the potential of the templates at SlideModel for booming their presentation goals.

What do SlideModel offer?

From high-quality PowerPoint diagrams, editable maps, shapes to data charts, text & tables, SlideModel is your all in one stop for your PowerPoint presentation needs. The idea is to communicate the idea clearly and SlideModel’s PowerPoint templates can surely do the job. The array of tailored presentation templates have been designed to suit the needs of everybody. For corporate enthusiasts, you can find a template for every occasion. The templates have the designs which cover various styles, creativity is what you get with these ready-made templates.

For instance, you can make use of animated PowerPoint chart template collection to depict analytical data in a better way. It would be evident to mention that making people interact with ordinary data during a presentation is not a piece of a cake. Since a human will always favor something graphical over text, the animated templates can help you garner the attention. If you are required to depict the timeline of some project or developing product, you can use the 5-step snake diagram. What comes as a fascinating fact is that, 3D templates are also available at SlideModel.com. You can even get access to editable gradient bar chart type templates to depict data in a lucid manner.

So, let’s see what what are the Prime Benefits at SlideModel.com

Editable Templates and Maps for Presentations

One of the most unique features which are available at SlideModel is the flexibility with the presentation template design. You can literally attain 100% editable templates as per your requirement. Change the color gradient as you like, insert data, edit bar charts, make a personalized presentation theme all under the same roof. It should be noted that a constant color-scheme can provide an entity with integrity. Also, when you include your personalized touch, you move one step closer to your audience.

Further, if you’re a blogger or an individual who’s looking forward to including maps in their presentation, we have a potential option for you. SlideModel has a never-ending maps collection which can help you get maps of countries, cities, and continents as well. Again, the editable appeal comes into play, a user can edit bits and pieces of the map as per the need. Depicting any business property on a demographic scale can optimize the presentation viewing experience.

A broad spectrum of use cases. From Education to Business

One should note that the data and chart support which is available at SlideModel.com can be utilized by people from all the domains. If you’re from the industry or even college, you can always leverage dashboard, statistical support, pie charts, bar charts and more with the ready to use templates for PowerPoint. Search for purpose-specific templates in the search box and get access to templates for depicting case studies, research, review and more.

Even a layman can make use of the portal. If you’re a teacher looking forward to enlightening your class about some ordinary topic, random text can be made attractive through these templates. For students, you can always ace your project presentation goals with the never-ending collection of templates at SlideModel.com.

Animated Presentations that work like a charm

Using modern animated effects and transitions in PowerPoint, the presentation designer can produce high-impact presentations to impress the auditorium or an audience. The animation capabilities available in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 or later, e.g. using Morph transitions, enables to create a great variety of animated PowerPoint templates that looks from outer space, like the animated roadmap concept below.


100% Editable PowerPoint Shapes

One of the most sought-after feature available at SlideModel.com, a user can leverage PowerPoint shapes and can personify the presentation templates. For example, you can use animated traffic lights, roadmaps, gear shapes, recycle icons to demonstrate the content in a better way. Get your hands on 3D shapes, gauges, and meters and provide a natural touch to your presentation. Not only this will make your presentation personalized, this will also help you cover more data with premium graphics.


Use country flags as per the theme of a presentation. Some of the exclusive shapes templates available are a drone, gear system, medical infographics, levers, flying balloon & more. You can easily download these presentation templates through a single click and can deploy the same in no time. Make use of the popular SWOT presentation templates at SlideModel and provide a descriptive and detailed view about the Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats for your business.

Final Words

You can get access to the best collection of ready to use PowerPoint templates once, you purchase the plan. Also, you should know that the portal has dedicated plans for the customer of every time. You can take up the plans as per your convenience and can download templates easily. The three-month basic plan can let you download over 100 templates every month. Annual basic and annual unlimited plans are for the users whose work don’t have any limit. Download as much as templates and ace your PowerPoint presentation endeavors.