SlideUpLift Review


Business professionals have always eyed productivity. The enticing proposition of getting things done efficiently and effectively has motivated people worldwide to make tools, software, and gadgets that let us expand our productivity. 

More or less, every product of this digital age is built around productivity. Every functionality narrows down to – How can you use this function or this tool to do more in less time. 

My quest to increase my productivity in making presentations faster led me to chance upon SlideUpLift.

SlideUpLift is an online library of PowerPoint resources. They offer PowerPoint and Google Slide templates, ready to use PowerPoint decks, icons, infographics, silhouettes, isometrics to build engaging presentations. I’ve taken out time to review them because they’ve helped me out a ton and I believe every business professional might be in the need of such services. But first, let me give you a background. 

PowerPoint is something that I use almost every day. Ever since I was forced to work from home in early 2020, I have made and delivered countless remote presentations. 

Having given so many remote presentations, I have concluded: the audience, in a remote setting, pays way more attention to your presentation contents. Things that you could get away with within a face-to-face setting are now on full display.

A face-to-face presentation also gives you enough leeway to steer the presentation in the direction you want and make changes as you go along. More importantly, in such a setting, you have constant feedback, the audience itself. You can easily determine how they like your presentation based on their facial expressions or whether they show the propensity to ask questions. 

But, all of this is taken away from you in a remote setting. Which has, in fact, forced me to pay close attention to detail, use visually engaging data representation tools like graphs and charts, and, lastly, to do away with verbose bullet points that help nobody. 

So, how does SlideUpLift (or any other PowerPoint resource library, for that matter) fit into this equation? Let’s find out. 

How Has SlideUpLift Helped Me?

To cut to the chase, they have helped me save a lot of my time. 

The task of making a PowerPoint presentation visually appealing and aesthetic is easier said than done. It would help if you had the patience and, more importantly, some graphic designing skills. 

I, no doubt, tried my hand at designing the slides by myself. The result, although satisfying, was definitely not worth it. I couldn’t afford to burn hours to make a presentation. 

That’s where resources like SlideUpLift come to the rescue. They offer ready-made PowerPoint templates for just about everything. If you’re an educator, a business professional, or a student planning to make your next big presentation, you will be able to find something that suits your needs. 

They are customizable, so you can easily tweak the content to your preference and make a presentation quickly without losing out on your precious time. 

I personally like their collection of PowerPoint Themes as I need to make many business presentations in a week. The advantage you have with themes is that they give a starting point to your presentation. Thereby getting rid of those mixed fonts, color schemes, and shapes that seem out-of-place. A consistent theme over the course of the presentation really ups the aesthetic quotient of the presentation. 

What Differentiates SlideUpLift From Others?

Customer care – SlideUpLift offers robust email support. I wanted to change the color gradient of a particular template that I liked that I could not find anywhere else. I sent them an email and they were kind enough to send me an updated one.

PowerPoint Addin – SlideUpLift offers a free PowerPoint Addin that can be downloaded from the Microsoft Office store. It works seamlessly with PowerPoint and lets you browse and download templates directly from PowerPoint. 

It’s a great productivity tool that helps save a lot of time that you otherwise would have wasted scouring the web for the right templates. 

Variety – As mentioned, SlideUpLift houses an extensive collection of templates, isometrics, icons, silhouettes, that are essential for creating a visual impact on your audience. 

Flexibility – You can easily buy a single template/icon. I liked that flexibility, which, regrettably, as of now, isn’t offered by any other platform in the market.

If you are a power user, I would recommend subscribing to their membership plan. It offers some great benefits.   


Remote working is here to stay indefinitely. Many firms around the world have accepted this fact. Minor topics that could be mulled over water cooler chats, now must be sorted over platforms like skype and zoom. 

If you have never paid attention to the visuals of your PowerPoint presentations before, it is about time. Try to compensate for what remote presentations take away from you. 

Hence, making your presentations easy to read, aesthetic, and visually engaging will help you immensely. SlideUpLift is therefore a great platform to download essential PowerPoint resources that will make your presentations engaging and impactful.