Smart Phone with Full Functions and High Cost Performance

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We know design scheme, independent innovation, technology and sales volume. They can show the development of HONOR. It develops step by step. It evolves towards a global innovative brand. HONOR smartphones brings you many things. Innovations, cost performance, black technology and so on. HONOR 9X continues HONOR’s design concept. It makes consumers feel the HONOR’s brand power. 

The appearance design of HONOR 9X is fashionable. It continues HONOR’s cool design concept. The visual effect of the whole device is very good. 


It has 6.59-inch full screen design. This should be counted as one of the most detailed full screens at this stage. The size of its display screen is too large. The visual effect is much better when watch movie or play hand games. It chooses COF packaging processing technology. Its outer frame is made narrower. 

Side fingerprint identification. Its feeling is significantly better than that of rear fingerprints. Moreover, it can rely on the setting to select “touch unlock” or “press and hold unlock”. It can prevent touch screen problems very well.

First of all, we can see the front panel level of the whole body. HONOR 9X Pro has a 6.59-inch display screen. It also has German Rhine-certified eye protection settings. Moreover, the screen proportion data has reached 92%. It has the change of data. We can compare it with the display screen of HONOR 8X. The overall look and feel of HONOR 9X Pro has improved qualitatively. Both the main color tone performance and backlight permeability can tell us. It is obvious that they change materials. The HONOR 9X deletes the bang. It improves visual effect and perception. 

Naturally, HONOR 9X Pro is unlikely to guarantee perfection. The preconditions for cost management will reach the limit. Although the width of the outer frame of the display screen is at a narrow level. HONOR still chooses a relatively strong and wide middle frame wrapping strip. It enhances the overall compressive strength of the whole body. Therefore, we can look at HONOR 9X Pro from the front. It does not have the extremely narrow edge stunning feeling imagined. 

Kirin 810 has a strong upgrade than the previous generation Kirin 710. Kirin 810 is molded by 7 nm process. It is one of the few four 7 nm mobile phone chips in the world. 

Then we can see main architecture. The two high-performance large cores rely on Cortex-A76. Cortex-A76 has customized development and design. While small cores rely on six Cortex-A55 high-efficiency. Kirin 810 deeply improves the application scenario of mobile terminals. Kirin 810 does not use traditional architecture mode of 4 +4 cores. Kirin 810 selects a combination of 2 +6. Under this kind of architecture, it adopts smart CPU resource allocation. It responds to integration requirements. So it can achieve the purpose of optimizing software energy consumption. 

HONOR 9X series products can to be the milestone works of HONOR X series products. It adopts the 7 nm chip Kirin 810. It applies the Sony’s 48 million definition CMOS. This further improves the photographing ability. HONOR 9X can fully recognize many modes. “portrait”, “night scene”, “wide angle lens” and other photographing modes. 

HONOR 9X products uses a new EMUI9.1 system. It makes the human-computer interaction method more personalized. Consumers feel more intelligent. Kirin 810 and the 7 nm CPU can bring HONOR 9 series products more options. It can guarantee the quality of HONOR. Its cost performance is more prominent.