What does Smart Sticker company Do?

We have created  SmartSticker.com. It is a customizable real-time widget that keeps you informed of all the important things like new calls and messages notifications, notes, time, weather etc. It connects with your phone through Bluetooth and is managed with  iOS or Android app. Stickers’ key features:

  • e-ink display
  • resistant Gorilla glass
  • low energy consumption
  • fast-charging
  • 10 widgets that can be customized via API
  • different cover colors


Why do we need Smart Sticker?

Smart Sticker is useful in cases when using smartphone is inconvenient. For instance, when you are playing with children, cooking, driving, working out, repairing something etc. It has built-in magnet so you can stick it to any metal surface.You can also mount it to non-metallic surfaces with steel plates on adhesive tape. They are included in the product set.

Who is Smart Sticker for?

Smart Sticker is for people who are afraid of missing something and cannot imagine themselves being unconnected. It will keep them updated in situations when smartphone can’t.

What makes Smart Sticker stand out from Others?

Smart Sticker has 2 main competitive advantages. The first one is its price. You still have time to  preorder it on Indiegogo for 20 USD only. Its usual price is also quite low – 30 USD. The second advantage is its battery lifetime. It charges fully in 2 hours. Due to e-ink display and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) Smart Sticker consumes very little energy and its battery lifetime is up to 30 days.

What’s Next to Smart Sticker?

In order to start mass production of Smart Stickers we need to get about 3000 orders. If our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo is successful, then in December 2015 we will get things done with manufacturing and logistics. In January 2015 we will release apps and begin production. First deliveries are scheduled to be made in February 2015.