So you want to be an influencer?

The life of an influencer is exciting yet stressful. There is a lot that you must manage as you rise in popularity. On top of it all, there is very stiff competition with over 3.2 million influencers worldwide. Where are you supposed to begin? We are here to help you understand the beginnings of becoming an influencer. 

What do you want to do? 

There are plenty of reasons to showcase yourself. Is there a particular skill that you are proud to display for the world? There are plenty of people who do makeup, dance, or create skits for the world. The main focus is to make your skill unique compared to others. Research how other influencers showcase their skills and make them your own. 

Choose a platform

With the rise of social media, there are many platforms to choose from. Such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Each platform comes with its own set of benefits. YouTube is great for long videos, while TikTok is more relevant in today’s culture. However, keep in mind that most influencers use every platform available to grow a bigger audience. 

Keep Up With Trends

With any business, it’s crucial to understand the market. There is no exception for an influencer. Research and create a network to keep up with the trends around the internet. You want to stay ahead of everything popular and use it to your advantage. Sometimes a trend may seem out of bounds of your skill and expertise. Be sure to adapt to any trend that comes your way. The influencer that incorporates viral videos is the one who becomes successful over time. 

Get Discovered

The goal of an influencer is to make money for what you do. The only way to make money is to gain a bigger audience. Once you have an audience, people like Brian Graden could discover you. Studios like Brian Graden professional gather influencers and making them a fortune in media deals. Remember, the best way to become an influencer is to stay positive and work hard. It’s not easy rising with other talented individuals. You have to want it more than other people. The best part? Anyone can try, so get out there and live your dream!