Why is it that so many businesses fail to enjoy success with social media, while other businesses swear by it?

A good social media strategy can have huge benefits for businesses in any industry, but you have to go about it in the right way if you want to enjoy the same results as the most successful businesses.

Here are some essential tactics to ensure you get real results from your social strategy to make all the effort worthwhile.

Focus on Engagement

Engagement should be your number one aim when you start on your social media strategy. There are many benefits of social media for businesses, but you must remember that engagement is essential if you want to get off to a great start.

You can engage your followers through creating content that is valuable to them and through sharing valuable content created by others. You should also show your personality, speak in a personal tone, answer questions, provide basic customer service, and help your followers wherever you can.

Choose the Right Platforms

There is no point focusing most of your efforts on LinkedIn if you target the consumer market. Different social platforms have different users, and you need to find out which platforms your target audience use the most and then work on your presence there.

Facebook is so large you are almost certain to find many of your audience using it, so this is a good place to start. There is no point putting in a lot of time and effort into your social media marketing if you are in the wrong place to start with.

You could research platforms on your own, or you could use the services of a local social media marketing agency in Singapore such as Applioque to help you.

Plan Ahead

You will want to be spontaneous with some of your social media by responding to questions and interacting with your followers. But you should also have a plan in place.

Come up with a publishing schedule for the months ahead. Look at the important events in your industry and gather ideas around these including surveys you could carry out and competitions you could launch. Then there are the big events like Christmas, summer holidays, etc, so think about these too. By planning ahead, you can take out a lot of the work involved in coming up with ideas during the year.

Use a Monitoring Tool

Social media may seem quite casual, but the most successful businesses are using advanced management tools to get them from their campaigns. With SEO and PPC, analytics are important, and the same is true of social media. Use a tool like Hootsuite that provides you with analytics reports, scheduling for your messages and more.

Many specialist tools also provide brand monitoring so you can react to brand mentions appropriately, whether they are positive or negative. People will be mentioning your brand, and you should have a strategy in place for how to react to them. This means informing staff responsible for the social media account to avoid reacting angrily to negative comments.

Experiment with Targeted Advertising

Social media is not primarily used for selling and it is instead used for engagement, as mentioned earlier. However, many platforms have introduced advertising in recent years, and you may want to make use of this.

But you can make use of targeted advertising on many of the largest platforms, and adverts are now accepted and expected by users. There is no harm in trying it out at least, so consider running a campaign for a few months to see if you can reach out to the right people and work at converting them into customers.

You could even test a content retargeting campaign to reach out to social media users who have visited your website but left without converting, and this could be an effective way to boost conversions.

Keep Going and Keep Active

The most important thing to remember when you launch a presence on any social media platform is that results won’t come immediately. As soon as you launch your presence on a platform, know that this is not a short campaign that will end within a year. Make it part of your regular marketing activities, stay active, keep posting useful information, and keep reacting to comments and questions.

Ensure someone is in charge of ensuring your social media never goes quiet for a week or longer, then start reaping the rewards of social media.

Joey is the Founder and Managing Director of Appiloque Pte. Ltd. Being a serial entrepreneur and tech investor based in Singapore, he has built Appiloque to become his most successful business to date. With a team of 32 savvy digital marketers and being at the forefront of innovative technologies, Appiloque aims to help businesses take over the digital world with marketing efforts driven by user-centric experiences and data-enabled strategies. Joey also strongly believes in helping his clients achieve more without breaking the bank. In his free time, Joey is a true-blue Singaporean foodie and enjoys exchanging ideas on the topics of innovation and investment.