Social Scientists – online marketplace that connects start-ups

What does Social Scientists company Do?

Social Scientists is a group of our start-ups and a powerhouse which supports the young start-ups in what they need, helping them grow with us.
It is also an umbrella name under which all the start-ups come.

Why do we need Social Scientists?

We’re an online marketplace that connects start-ups with the much needed ecosystem and assorted awesomeness! We have a killer weekend planned with unconference-style talks & workshops, family-style meals, and fun & games.

Who is Social Scientists for?

As we have founded 5 start-ups prior to this we know the problems, pain and even happiness of starting our own. So, to help the co-enterpreneurs we founded this.

What makes Social Scientists stand out from Others?

We believe start-ups learn more when they work side by side.
Many founders say that working with peers is the best part. Hence, anyone can collaborate with other start-ups in the network.

What’s Next?

Community to start up with game changing Ideas to build them out bigger and better.