Sold: Modern Marketing Mainstays for New Home Sales Profits


Sold: Modern Marketing Mainstays for New Home Sales Profits

Selling new homes is easier than even thanks to the marketing mainstays of today. If you’re looking to unload new construction homes in today’s market, here’s what you need to know.

Choosing An Online Home

Setting up a website is probably the first thing you need to do. Think of your marketing plan as a solar system. Your website sits in the center of it all – it’s the “sun.” Everything else revolves around it.

Your goal is to get people to your website and signing up for information – the end goal being to buy a home from you. Social media, email campaigns, and other marketing strategies are all “planets” that revolve around your website.

Everything should be a tool for getting more visitors to your site. Don’t give site visitors or social media friends the whole story before you’re able to contact them. If all of the information they need exists on your website, then there’s no reason they need to deal with you. Not really.

Maybe they make up their mind, thank you (silently) for the advice and then move on to the next contractor to “get a good deal.” Yes, people can be crazy like that.

When it comes to marketing, don’t try to do it yourself, unless you also happen to be one heck of a writer and copywriter. You wouldn’t trust your web design guy to hang drywall in your homes, would you? No? Then, why are you writing your own ads?

The Branding Trick

Spend time on branding. Decide what kind of message you want to push out into the marketplace. Create a story that you can sell. For example, do you want to sell to young families?

If so, you will need to create an image that appeals to them. This is largely driven by the type of community you’ve built. If it’s a family-friendly one with a playground and kid-friendly areas, then this will be an easy sell. If you’ve created more of a jet-setter type of community, it’s not going to sell well to someone who is married with 3 kids.

Likewise, the 20 or 30-something crowd that is single, and loves the local nightlife, won’t be buying into a quiet community filled with tricycles, playgrounds, and a kiddie pool.

What you say in your advertising needs to be backed up by the way you’ve designed your homes. Creating a brand image based on that is a small secret that successful builders use the target the right customers and maximize sales.

How To Use Video

Using video to sell your properties is important in this day and age. More and more people are hopping onto YouTube to check out properties. Sadly, most real estate agents and contractors aren’t making full use of good video for prospects.

The way you want to use video is you want to design a walkthrough or virtual tour of the places that are for sale. Now, there are many wrong ways to do this and only a few right ways. The wrong ways always include amateur video shots, bad lighting, and poor audio. If you’re going to do a video tour, spend some money selling it.

Invest in a professional camera crew that can do the walkthrough, and a professional voiceover who can really sell the place. Then, spend time marketing the videos online. You don’t need more than one video per floor plan.

And, if you offer customizable floor plans, give prospects an idea of what could be done with the place, and the types of modifications a lot of people seem to be making.

Who You Should Be Targeting

Tap into professional organizations surrounding your target market. For example, if you want to sell to doctors, you need to approach medical professional organizations. If you want to target young families, then churches, and family groups are the best places to make contact with your market.

Professional groups are where you will find people with an income and the ability to pay for a home. This is where most of your time should be spent.

Should You Work With Realtors?

Rick Storlie Sales Coach recommends working with realtors when necessary, but above all, improving your marketing materials. Hunt down the best realtors in your area – the ones with the top sales in their respective offices.

Make friends with them and ask them if they would be willing to show your homes. Since realtors must maintain a steady flow of leads, this should help you shift some of the burden of marketing away from your organization.

Consider hosting a monthly lunch group for the top real estate agents in your area. Stage one of your homes, and give them the opportunity to become familiar with your line of homes.

Rick Storlie has been helping home builders and remodelers reach their sales goals since 1992. He does this helping his clients implement a five step Functional Sales system utilizing Ubix Web Marketing Automation.

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