Start up against it: 5 potential ways to overcome a marketing roadblock


When we hit any kind of problem in life, it can be easy to panic or call it quits. Though 71% of marketing professionals worldwide believed that their organisation’s marketing strategies were effective, it is easy to hit marketing roadblocks. Here are 5 potential ways to overcome them. 

  1. Understand your target customer 

When it comes to marketing options, there is such a wide variety of options open to you, your company, and your marketing team. This means that it can sometimes feel very difficult to choose the right tactic for your campaign. You could opt for the booming digital marketing methods, or the underutilised and often overlooked print marketing, including print and booklet making solutions from Duplo International

Once you know and understand your target customer, you can figure out where they will be most likely to see your campaign. For example, an older audience might be more likely to read newspapers than say a teenager, who in turn might be more likely to click on a Facebook advert. Once you know where they get their information, you can choose your methods accordingly. 

2.Be prepared to fail

It is very rare that your first idea will be the most successful, so don’t be afraid to fail. If you choose a marketing campaign that is not as effective as you had hoped, or even worse than that, see if there’s anything to be learnt from the situation. By analysing why you failed, this can help your future campaigns gain more traction. 

3.Bigger doesn’t always mean better

Marketing is an investment, whether it is long term or short term. This means that you must be willing to invest time and money into the operation. One roadblock might be that you simply don’t have the resources. 

There is often the misconception that a bigger budget means more success- but this isn’t necessarily the case. There are many cost-effective solutions out there for smaller businesses who haven’t cut their teeth in the industry yet. 


Like all sectors, marketing comes with a pile of jargon and acronyms that can be difficult to get your head around as a newcomer, investor, or potential customer. With your SEOs, B2Bs, B2Cs, even B2B2Cs for that matter, it can all look a lot scarier than it really is. 

 However, what they all have in common, ironically, is the end goal to effectively communicate with your target audience. Try not to pass this jargon down to your customer, and make sure your marketing campaign is simple and easy to understand. 


Whatever you choose to do with your marketing campaign, just make sure that it is consistent across every form of media. If you hit any roadblocks, take a step back and evaluate. Then you can make any adaptations with a clear vision in mind. Overall, even if you hit a roadblock, it is possible to get through it and still be successful.