Start Your ECommerce Career with These Online Marketing Tips


Starting a business nowadays is both challenging and easy at the same time. Challenging because with the increasing market demand, the competition has become stiffer. For every new idea, expect players in the industry to increase and capitalize on it immediately. The more innovative and unique the product or service is, the more longevity can be expected for its target market.

However, with the same advancements and market maturity also comes options – easier and fuss-free marketing options to new business owners that were not available years ago. Even for sole proprietorships, it is no longer daunting to think of ways to market a product because the checklist seems limitless. More and more start-up companies are banking on eCommerce and digital marketing to not only spread the word, but to also build a network and a reputation that takes decades to build before.

 Push efforts to strengthen your online presence

Marketing a business now starts with a digital foot in the door. Especially for smaller startup companies that may not have the hefty financial funding, being able to push digital marketing strategies in a cost-effective way is a necessity. Assuming this is your first eCommerce website, here are some of the ways you can start strengthening your online presence:

  • Consider using a sitebuilder

Hiring a designer may not be a viable option as of the moment because of your current budget. Which is why website builders which offer clients a comfortable and easy option to create a website that performs, are fast emerging as the go-to, hassle-free option.

Website builders allow you to choose from tried and tested templates that are plug-and-play or customizable depending on your requirements. They offer ready-made templates that are already mobile responsive and are categorized neatly into different business categories. The website templates can either be used as built or it can be played around through the drag and drop functionalities that website builders promote.

  • Publish relevant content

Remember that your website is not just a receptacle for your products, it is a website where relevant information can be gathered. You should be able to create content that will not just talk about what you are offering, but also why you are offering them in the first place.

Explore why you decided to create a whole slew of products or services to address a certain product. Talk about your brand mission, goals, and how your relationship with your customers is a vital part of it.

  • Maximise your social media pages

Your social media pages is not just for promoting your articles and products, but it is also there to engage with your customers. The best part about social media is the engagement is almost instantaneous and it allows for a more informal interaction with them. To take advantage of this, you can use your social media channels to ask about what they want to know about your brand, your products, and your industry. In this way, you will never have a shortage of topics to talk about on your eCommerce blog.

You can also ask them directly what improvements they are expecting from updated versions of your product or what they want you to sell next.

Post shareable videos or banners to get a much wider audience reach – this is the most effective way to get the word out about your business other than sponsored ads.

Through these tips, you can jumpstart your eCommerce career through online means, and create a loyal customer base, not just through your products, but through your brand message as well.