How Your Startup Website Can Dominate Google


Reaching the number one spot on Google for your chosen keywords is always hard. There are never any guarantees, and so you often have to take a leap of faith. Successful companies spend thousands on SEO every single year. However, sometimes smaller sites and new firms manage to take the crown. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few of the steps you need to consider.

Your choice of ecommerce platform

We’ve published an infographic alongside this post that highlights the best ecommerce platforms around. Make sure you take a look at the information and select the solution best suited to your business. You never know, it could help you to reach the number one spot sooner than you think.

Your networking abilities

Backlinks have proven to improve ranking with most search engines. Google is certainly no exception. That means you need to start networking with other website owners as soon as possible. Perform a link exchange and watch your website rise through the rankings. More backlinks = more popularity in the eyes of Google.

Your marketing budget

There are lots of free tools for promoting your website and dominating Google. Even so, companies with large marketing budgets will find it easier. Make sure you spend a decent amount each month with Adwords for the best results. People who advertise through Google should notice improvements pretty quickly.

It’s easy to see that dominating Google is not a pipedream. In fact, any honest business website owner could achieve their goal in a matter of months. You just need to perform a lot of research and listen to the right people. There is a wealth of information online you could use to ensure you don’t make any silly mistakes.

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