Stav Bodik, a best app to send SMS to multiple contacts

Stav Bodik

What is Stav Bodik App About?

Is there an upcoming birthday and you want to send an invitation via SMS to multiple contacts?

Or you have a big announcement for your friends/family?

You can easily do all these and even more with “Multi Short Message Service”, an app that helps you send SMS messages to large amounts of recipients.

Why do we need Stav Bodik App?

Up to date about 80% of android devices don’t have the ability to send an sms to large amount of recipients , with this app you can do it very easily and even track after sent messages .

Who is Stav Bodik App for?

The Stav Bodik application can be used by any person who would like to inform large amount of people in any kind of field , start with friends and work/family etc .

What makes Stav Bodik App stand out from Others?

It has “Sending Panel” which allows users to track after SMS sent or not sent , And if some message lost on the way to recipient they can choose to resend it again .

Furthermore The app has the ability to work in background while sending panel works users can keep working with their device on other tasks .

More Than that users can create and manage their own sending lists by selecting users from phone contacts or groups .

In addition to this features, users who would like , can go ahead and have an Pro version of this app which allows sending scheduled sms and personal sms to recipients.

Also can import/export sending lists to CSV or TXT files .

To be honest and answer the question in the best way,Compared to competitors

The application does not fall and works 100% and has more convenient user experience.

I know this because the idea of writing this software came due to the fact I was looking for something simple that makes the work at the applications store and just could not find it.

What’s Next to Stav Bodik App?

Working on some new online game application something very special i think , where users has to play only with phone sensors w/o even 1 touch on screen except the register page.