Stay Alert: 5 Tips on How to Keep Your Warehouse Secured

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Not putting up security measures for your warehouse and the surrounding properties is like asking robbers to rob your warehouse. It’s a huge problem and can cause you short-term and long-term problems if you let that happen even just once. A lack of warehouse security makes it easy for thieves to get access to your goods and sell them to make a quick buck. 

When it comes to warehouse security, you must have measures for both inside and out.

Your external security is your first line of defense. Its purpose is to make the robbers think that stealing from the warehouse is not worth it. How do you do it? The quickest way is to ensure that every attempt has a considerable risk of getting caught or identified. 

For your internal security, it should help you catch thieves who managed to get into your warehouse or your employees stealing goods from you. Internal security measures focus on limiting access and capturing evidence of the act. However, with all that talk, how do you improve your security measures in general? Here are a few tips.

Assess Your Perimeter

Quality risk assessments are one of the cornerstones of your security management. The idea here is simple. You will look for potential risks like entry points where people can quickly go in without much effort. Then, you can put yourself in the shoes of the robber and think of ways how you can breach the property scot-free. 

After that assessment, you can think of responses for the worst-case scenario. Or you can hire professional help from a security company. They specialize in assessing the property and creating plans to counteract all of the worst-case scenarios.

Install CCTV

CCTVs are not a feature but are a must nowadays, especially if you’re running a business. You need to be able to see what’s happening inside and outside your warehouse 24/7. The video surveillance will provide you with essential evidence in the case of a robbery and theft, like the people involved and what happened during that time. 

The video footage is also essential if you have insurance policies for this type of situation. But most importantly, they are a massive deterrent against robbers and thieves.

Utilize Spotlights

One of the stupidest things a robber can do is to rob a place in broad daylight. One of the goals for robbers is to stay hidden. This is to protect themselves against response units and being identified. That said, one of the ways they can stay hidden is to hide in blind spots in your warehouse, especially in the darkness. 

So do yourself a favor and install plenty of spotlights, especially in places where no natural or artificial light can enter. Opting against lighting will make your CCTVs useless unless your cameras have motion sensors and night vision.

Put Up Fencing

Does your warehouse have a large area that surrounds it? If so, then putting up fences should be your first line of defense. Having a large area without the proper security measures constitutes a considerable risk because the large area is not under surveillance. In addition, it makes it difficult for you to secure your entry points, making the property more vulnerable to theft. 

That said, a perimeter fence is an effective deterrent against thieves and robbers. Sure, they may not be impenetrable, but they’re still a reasonable defense. However, what makes them more effective is to put up CCTV that covers every area of your fence. 

If you want to be more thorough about the whole thing, you can even opt to put up an electric fence. Make sure to put up security signs, too, not only for you and your personnel’s safety but also as an act of intimidation against evil people.

Reinforcing Entryways

It’s easy to focus on making your doors more durable, like buying steel doors and expensive locks. However, you also have to focus on making your doorways durable. Reinforcing your doorways with strong deadbolts high-durability door screws are just as necessary as having a tough door. 

It is recommended to swap your door screws with 3 ½ inch versions because it makes it harder to kick in a door. You can also try high-strength locking mechanisms and thicker-gauge steel to prevent forced entry if you have rolling doors.

Final Words

Your warehouse is essential to your business because you keep your goods for your customers. If it is breached, then not only will you lose a lot of revenue, you’ll also be losing a lot of your customers. That said, since it’s one of the most critical aspects of your business, you should do everything to keep it secured.