Stone Tether: Life made easy and trouble free

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What is StoneTether For? synchronizes with Smartphone or any similar network competent device. It is a tiny square that comes in 6 diverse colors, such as white, grey, black, blue, silver and pink. It has a hole in one corner via which a tiny chain can be stringed. If you are in 500 feet range of the thing, then you can track it with the software application. If it is covered up, you can activate an audio signal that will allow you to track the thing via sound.

How Much StoneTether Crowd Funded?

This product has 2,032 Backers. It has a goal of $15,000. The product crowd-funding gets over in 28 days. Stone Tether is currently listed in

Is StoneTether useful and exciting?

The daily life pressures that we come across just appear to grow day after day.  This shattered time and extra stress are precisely what this StoneTether wireless tracker reduces. StoneTether was created to save time that we expend searching for misplaced items such as keys, wallets or purses. It also offers calmness when you do not need to keep a close watch on your kids at a busy place such as the mall or a fun park.

StoneTether: What’s more?

It is the planet’s first compact Bluetooth tracker which reaches actually to a vast distance!  This is achieved via a developed antenna which is combined with proprietary software, which reaches this unbelievable range of around 500 feet.