Subtitle Translation Companies


You can increase your global audience and improve SEO by translating your videos into different languages. This will help you attract a bigger audience and boost the reach of your videos. Many businesses want to include translation in their videos with different languages so their global audience can understand. But they have no idea where they can consult. If you are one of them, you can translate your videos by consulting subtitle translation companies. These companies have proficient and skilled technicians as part of the team to provide a high-quality translation. There are different types of translation services to choose from:

  1. Direct Subtitle Translation

In contrast to other subtitle translation options, direct subtitle translation is inexpensive. In this method, you seek help from a translator who’s proficient in the target language. For instance, if the target language is French and the source language is English, you can hire a translator or an agency with command in both these languages. The translator will watch the video multiple times and write subtitles according to the dialogues. Then, the translator will make changes to bring consistency and maintain the flow. Once the translator completes his part of the task, another translator will give it a comprehensive read to check the accuracy in translation. After this, the technician receives that translated content. They will sync the text on the video, keeping in mind the time and space of each dialogue.

  1. Translating Subtitles from Source Language

This technique to translate dialogues into subtitles is more accurate. A subtitler and transcriptionist will work simultaneously and add the subtitle in the video. Once they transcript the text, a linguist will watch the video along with the source subtitle and translate the file in an.SRT format with the help of a template. After creating a template using the source language, the translation company can translate the text into numerous languages. Translating the text file is preferable and easier than accurate translation.

  1. Foreign Subtitles using Document Translation 

You can choose the document translation method if you have a script of your film and need subtitles. To translate the subtitles, first choose the subtitle translation company. Now, share the source language script with the company, and they will translate the script before converting it into subtitles. Many translated companies also use pre-translated scripts and translate them to create subtitles. This method will save you a lot of money as the linguist will simply translate work according to the script.

  1. Subtitle Translation and Voiceover Services

After creating subtitles, you can add foreign voiceovers to your videos. If you are making a longer video, you can save a lot on cost. You need a professional team to organize voiceovers and translate the original dialogue into a subtitle. As a result, you can promote your videos globally to a wider audience. You can communicate with the target audience by speaking in a different language by adding subtitles to your videos. 

Source to source subtitles is effective for people with a hearing impairment. If we apply the tool with learning materials, it enhances the learning viewers’ learning process. You need a subtitle translation company for both voiceover and translating the original text into subtitles. By translating word by word, you will fail to properly translate the meaning of the context.


While choosing a translator and linguist for subtitles, you must check their effort, credibility, and knowledge about the targeted and sourced knowledge. But with so many translation companies offering services, it will be difficult for you to find the best translator according to the requirements. Identifying an effective video subtitling and translating company requires a bit of research and evaluation. You can contact us and consult with our technician or translator. They will guide you about the procedure for video translation and subtitling services.