Technology is growing at a rapid pace and one of the main factors in this era is competition. A developer can create outstanding software with so many competitive advantages that can make it the best among all other available solutions to the market. But still, that developer needs to have completed testing of this system before releasing it in the market. This process in which integrated testing is done, known as system testing.

This process starts with unit testing that leads to integrated testing. Subsequently, it moves to system testing and onward acceptance testing is the final version of this process. In this process, the system is tested as a whole and results are compared with the desired level of software. System testing ensures that the developer has delivered a high-quality product to its users. It’s important to certify the application architecture and requirement of the industry otherwise it may not fetch the desired results from the user.

There are various types of system testing that includes the following

v  Functional Testing

v  Load Testing

v  GUI Testing

v  Stress Testing

v  Regression Testing

v  Smoke Testing

v  Ad-hoc testing

v  Security Testing

It’s important to note that testing is mainly categorized in two parameters out of which the first parameter is Integration testing that leads to combined testing of individual modules of software. Whereby the second parameter, system testing belongs to the complete evaluation of the system in comparison to its requirement.

System testing is a very complicated process and sometimes, developer ignores the importance of system testing and they release their product in the market. Later on, when they identify bugs of the release, they have to release certain patches and often patches are of more size than the software itself which is unhealthy for the software.

We do understand that every software house may not be able to acquire their own team for system testing so the best option for them is to outsource the services of system testing. There are so many service providers in this field those can test the complete solution on the developer’s behalf at an affordable cost. But cost shouldn’t be the only factor to assign the project for system testing. There are multiple factors that need to be considered before assigning a project to a system testing company.

Multi-dimensional portfolio of the company would make it easier for the developer to assign the project to a system testing company. Mostly the developer would be looking for a firm that can test the product for all available operating systems mainly for Android, Windows and IOS but not limited to Linux and OSX. There is a company that has a very professional team that can do all these testing under one name which is QAwerk. Their work is outstanding and their engineers are very much competent.

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