What does your Tableair company Do?

Sophisticated in design, TableAir.com is a smart, connected table with unique lifting process for tech-savvy executives and demanding individuals who care about their health as much as productivity. With the help of a user-friendly smartphone app, the workstation can be scheduled to take lower or higher positions according to selected time settings. While working, TableAir keeps you on track when posture change is advised. Special construction lets you lift up to 100kg – a unique electric motor technology makes the process not only smooth, but also very silent – most competitor tables offer loud and slow motion.

Integrated LED ambient lighting can become the focal point of any interior. Everything runs on a custom-designed CPU board inside the table – it can be accessed in two ways: via the TableAir app or through embedded distance sensing module (which also works as a smart button). We thought about the height-adjustment as an extension of your movement. TableAir feels exactly that.

Why do we need TableAir?

It’s scientifically proven that the healthiest way to work is by breaking up your activity throughout the day. We are revolutionizing the sit-stand game entirely. We’ve built TableAir because we were in search of a quality standing desk that would be the highest grade product from design, interactivity, technological point of view and were unable to find one at that moment.

Who TableAir is for?

Simple, elegant and smart standing table. We believe that it’s perfect for tech-savvy executives and demanding individuals, medium-large businesses, interior design agencies, individuals who are into interior design etc.

What makes TableAir stand out from Others?

It’s the highest grade product from design, interactivity, technological point of view. No one was able to combine all of these things so far.

What’s Next to TableAir?

We already have huge tractions (100+) tables sold in the first year and are already working on a new model with improvement in all design, technological and functional point of view.