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The past two decades have seen staggering growth in the world of technology, which has significantly changed the way we do business. While the days of pen and paper accounts weren’t all that long ago, it’s hard to imagine any workplace ever resorting to non-digital methods again! As a result of the exponential rise in tech, businesses today benefit from better productivity, happier staff, and lower costs. Below are just a few ways that technology has shaped the modern workplace:

Cloud-based Technology

One of the most significant advancements in the workplace has been the advent of  cloud technology. From cloud-based unified communications to software and infrastructure, cloud technology has thrust the doors wide open for seamless document storage, effortless sharing of files and information, automatic system back-ups, and even increased security. What’s more, it has enabled business owners to put thousands of dollars back into their pockets as they say goodbye to clunky, expensive, and ineffective computer systems and servers.

Remote Access

Only a few years ago, business owners would have scoffed at the thought of sending their staff home to work. After all, how can you possibly take care of your daily tasks from the comfort of your home? Fortunately, remote access software has made this a possibility and is growing in popularity by the year. With the potential to cut costs and help retain employees, companies with office staff are beginning to see the value in allowing their teams to work from home on a regular basis. After all, what does it matter where you do the work as long as you do it?

Social Media

In February of 2004, the world was hit by a global phenomenon that would not only provide opportunities for family and friends to connect but for businesses to expand their reach. Facebook, even all these years later, continues to change the conventional workplace. Rather than buying ads in newspapers and on the radio, businesses can use Facebook to easily customize advertising plans to suit their particular needs and reach their target market.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As the digital world grows, so too does the need for your business to develop with it. In previous years, business owners would primarily rely on walk-in customers to browse their wares or hire their services. Today, most people find and purchase goods and services online, which is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. Fundamentally, SEO is the practice of ensuring your business website ticks all the boxes for the best ranking on a search engine, making it easier for potential customers to find you with a simple Google search. SEO has changed the way businesses keep their sites updated, and how they use essential keywords to their advantage.

Audio and Visual Hardware

Traditionally, if you wanted to connect with interstate or overseas clients, you’d need to book transportation and accommodation and meet them in person. With the advancement of audio and visual hardware, however, no one even has to leave their computer chair! Conference call software coupled with the best audio and visual equipment means that people from all around the world can link into a video call and talk as if they were all together in one room. Such advancement has saved corporations hundreds of thousands of dollars in both time and travel expenses.

If you thought doing laundry by hand before the invention of the washing machine was hard, try working in an office without technology and computers! Technology is making our lives ever-easier, and only time will tell what the next revolutionary trend to change our workplaces will be.