Team Building Activities your Employees will Love

Are you running a business? Yes! Here is a question for you.

What is the valuable asset in your company?

Well, there are lots of things that come to mind – research, marketing, development, HR and a lot more. You’ve come a bit closer. The right answer is “Employees”. Whether your organization has ten or millions of employees, they surely make up an excellent workforce. It’s your responsibility to provide training. Few companies are investing by offering RYA Powerboat Training to their employees. With the right training, your employees would feel motivated and promote a healthy workplace culture. There are also certain things that should be imposed on your employees. One of the important things is “Team Building Activities”.

Introduction to team building

Team building is described as comprising a set of activities that are used to improve connections between team members. With team-building activities, employees feel motivated and work better.

Teams are probably formed in two ways i.e voluntarily and involuntarily. Team members need to understand individual roles and responsibilities. Also, every team member needs to work under the guidance of the team leader. When a team leader doesn’t acknowledge or motivate their team members, the team might fall apart.

Thanks to team-building activities!

  • Build trust – Trust is important! With collaboration, team members get a chance to interact with each other. It allows to improve trust and makes employees productive with unique ideas.
  • Better communication – When team members work together, it’s an easier method to accomplish their tasks in a timely manner. With better communication, team members can divide their tasks. Share their ideas with each other and deliver the best results.
  • Increase performance – Sharing is caring! When an employee completes their tasks quickly, they can share other employee work. This way, the team can improve productivity. With team building, employees can enhance or learn new skills.
  • Improve company culture – When team members collaborate and communicate with each other, it helps to increase perfromace, build trust, resolve conflicts and more. More importantly, they can identify new talent and motivate each other to work better.
  • Increase collaboration  It’s no secret that collaboration can increase productivity. With collaboration, teams can work together, share their ideas and help each other whenever a co-worker is facing any issue. Every task can be completed smoothly in a collaborative environment. Also, employees feel safe and secure when all the team members interact with each other.

Popular team-building activities

Team lunch

You don’t really have to invest your money in a world trip to make your team happy. A good place to have lunch is just enough. It’s the employer’s responsibility to plan at least one team lunch per month. 

Who says NO to yummy and tasty food? Nobody! Especially when the lunch is covered by the company. Team lunch is an excellent team-building activity. The practice is successful in building interpersonal relationships and boosting engagement among team members. A single meal together can be a great way to share ideas and have a fun time. The time duration for team lunch can be 1 to 2 hours. 

Blind drawing

Blind drawing is one of the great approaches to building eye and hand coordination. It is becoming an effective team-building activity in companies. If your team size is small, blind drawing is the best option for you. With blind drawing, your team members can develop communication, and enhance leadership qualities and interpretation.

Tools required – Paper and pen or whiteboard and black marker

How to play – 2 players will be involved. A picture or word will be given to one of the players. That player needs to describe the picture using words, they should not say what is the image. Let’s consider that the picture can be “kid eating chocolate”. Players need to help other people draw an image without telling them “kid eating chocolate.” Other players need to identify the picture and draw on the paper or whiteboard. Blind drawing can help to evaluate how well two employees can communicate or innovate.

Winner or loser

The main goal of the winner/loser team-building activity is to encourage team members to have a look at the thing from their perspective. The activity will turn into a great learning experience for team members.

Tools required – None

How to play – Winner or loser is an amazing ice breaker game that your team will love to play. You need to divide the team into two equal groups. It’s just like a group discussion, two groups will be given a topic. One group will share negative factors and the other group will retell the positive side by highlighting real-world experiences. For example, the topic can be “Is social media a boon or bane?” Two groups will share their thoughts on the topic.

Finally, with the winner or loser team building activity, everyone gets a chance to share their personal and professional experience. Also, team members can learn from other people’s life experiences.


If you want to build trust and improve communication among your employees, Minefield is an effective team-building activity for you. With the game, your team can improve listening skills and develop communication among them. Similar to group discussion, team members will be split into pairs. Every pair need to listen to earn other carefully and trust each other.

Tools required – Any soft objects – water bottles, balloons, toys, paper cups

How to play – You should have an open space and random soft objects to play with. Divide your team members into pairs and then keep a blindfold among them. Another partner needs to guide in moving around the space. Make sure the partner should not step on objects that are placed in the open space. Team members need to execute the task with verbal direction. The other person blindfolded should not speak a single word. Once the person reaches the target line is the winner. Most importantly, a person should reach the line without touching any objects.

Minefield is one of the most interesting team-building activities to improve trust among the team members. The game sounds amazing! One person should be blindfolded and cannot speak a word, this person needs to trust another person while playing. It’s an amazing activity for your team members who are not connected with each other. Minefield game will improve concentration as well.

Office makeover

The main objective of office makeovers is to spread creativity and build a better work environment. With a better-suited work environment, employees can improve performance. Finally, there will be a great and positive aura across your organization.

Tools required – A set of creative objects

How to play – Everyone can be involved in this activity. Running the office makeover is a fun task, all you need to do is allow team members to work together while the office makeover. It’s no surprise that your employees might feel bored by looking at the things around them for ages. Give them an opportunity and make your office a better place to work. This way, team members will start thinking creatively and quickly makeover the workplace.

Ask your employees to list down the necessary creative objects that are required for an office makeover. Keep in mind that the budget should be fixed during the initial times. This way, employees will not exceed the budget. With pocket-friendly objects, you can give a professional and positive makeover at your workplace. The items include wall art, inspirational quotes, indoor plants, etc. these simple items can bring a positive touch.

Sneak a peek 

Sneak peek is the best team-building activity to improve problem-solving skills. The ultimate goal of the sneak peek game is to build better teamwork. With this game, team members will learn how to guide and provide effective instructions to others. Also, team members will identify the importance of their role in the team’s success. Finally, your team can sharpen their memory and enhance their problem-solving techniques.

Tools required – Lego, building blocks and popsicle sticks

How to play – Sneak peek game can be played with 10 to 20 participants. Split them into several groups of 5 to 8 and give them building materials. Make sure, every group receives equal building materials. Arrange an original sculpture at equal length for every group. Select any person from your send and tell them to have a peek at the original sculpture. Later, the person will return back and describe the sculpture with their team members. The time duration can be around 25 seconds to 30 seconds. Now, the group will send another person to sneak peek. The process will be repeated until they have successfully rebuilt the original sculpture.

Finally, your team will understand how individual participation is important to accomplish the task. Whenever your team members work together, there will be more chances to introduce new strategies and their confidence level will also get increased by playing sneak peek games.

Wrapping up

Team building activities are playing a vital role in small and large organizations. Companies believe when every team member interacts and works hand-on-hand, they can move their business on the right path. The above-mentioned games and activities are great for building a strong team. Also, these activities can improve productivity, problem-solving skills, confidence and more. Your employees will definitely love these team-building activities.