How Technology Affects Voice over Business

Voice-over involves the narration of some written material for a film or broadcast and it requires strong expertise to do so. It is a broad form of growing business whose success is dependent upon various factors which collectively constitute towards this business’s growth.

One of the very important factors involving in the success of voice-over business is the rapidly evolving advancement in technology. Here, we will take under consideration how technology affects the voice-over business.

Components Required

Let’s first list the necessary components of a voice-over studio:

  • Microphone – Required for capturing voice actor’s sound
  • Headphones – Useful to hear one’s own voice perfectly
  • Microphone Stand- Proves to be of great help in terms of supporting the microphone
  • Shock mount – Helps lessen unnecessary vibrations and echoing
  • Pop filters – Diffuses the sibilant sounds that the mouth makes
  • Acoustic treatment – Controls the ambience of the room to attain professional output

The Commercial Boom Has It All!

The boom of commercial industry and the ability to conduct high quality recordings on magnetic tape has created numerous opportunities.The technology improvements helped access so many more opportunities like advertising, movie making, documentaries and dramas. The above listed components are very important in producing high quality sound and as technology improves, more and more advancements in equipment come into play.

With so many improvements in technology coming with the passage of time, the voice-over business has been affected positively. Here is how it is all done:


From the traditional big microphones to the latest USB microphones, Dynamic Broadcast and Large Diagraph Condenser microphones, a drastic change is witnessed in the voice-over contributions. Not only do these allow excellent voice quality and recording, but also provide ease during travelling.

Increase in the Number of Voice Actors

A voice actor is a professional who gets his/her voice recorded for animated characters in a range of work including feature films, foreign language movies, TVshows, ads,  dramas etc. With the vast improvements in technology creating more opportunities for these people, more and more talented voice actors could get platforms to come up and use their capabilities in this growing sector.

Equipment for Even Better Sound

There are so many different tools available nowadays such as De-essers, pop filters, and vocal booths to help you bring out the disturbance-free sound quality and clearer voice. These new technologies are designed to repress the sibilant sounds that the mouth makes. Furthermore, the screen spreads rushing air produced by these sounds. To manage the room ambience, professional studios use vocal booth that allows engineers to record clearer sounding vocal tracks. Together with other improved equipments, these tools have benefited the voice-over business to capture better markets globally.

Software, Headphones, and Shock Mounts

So many different video editing programs and audio production programs have been developed as an additional advantage for conducting voice-over. You can choose the ones you feel most comfortable working with and which fulfil your need to create sound mixes and sync them with the images.

The finest headphones for recording voice-overs are Closed-Back, Circumaural headphones. These headphones have ear cups which stop sound from leaking out.

Shock mount is a small deferment system which helps lessen unnecessary vibrations and echoing. It is placed at the end of a microphone stand and holds the mic.